Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Glad to be back & Alive !!

Egypt trip was a very in6aras6ing exberyons.. i sink i will talk lik zis for a waaayil :P

just kidding... i love the english egypshan.. its like language on its own! Well while i was there i spent most of my time in the hotel but still managed to go the mall "city stars"!

i have never seen worse driving EVER than in egypt! its like who needs roller coaster rides when u can simply get in a CAB!

Ofcourse i had a mild case of food poisoning after having a salad . should have listened to mama when she said dont eat anything that is not cooked. naughty dino.

whats up with people asking for tips for everthing there? "ma tekremeeena ba2a" "ma 3andikeesh haga 7ilwa" "tab 2ayzeen nishrab shay"

the lady in the airport who was checking me in was like " ma feesh haga 7ilwa liya" *shocking

we planned on going to khan al khalili but after hearing about the bombing we chose to stick to city stars mall :P we went to al neel had dinner.. it was nice... i had a good time...

on the flight back..... i ended up sitting next to 2 egybshanz ... both male.. on the right a very shy and nervous man and on the left was a very saye3 "yo yo wassap" guy who seemed to have 2 phones and 100 girlfriends. before the plane took off he would call different girls and say
" ideeni bosa" lol eww..

so an hour before landing the plane went through major turbulence.. when i say major i mean like the pilot lost control for a whole minute the plane was pretty much crashing.. ppl were screaming and crying... and yelling "shahada" ! i think i just wanted to hang on to anything! it was so scary.. i thought of the movie final destination.. the series lost and wondered if i will end up on an islan with ben and the lost shilah!

but most of all i felt omg.. i dont want to die. and in that moment i felt i regretted so many hours i wasted doing nothing and how bad it felt to know that im an not in that place where i feel islamicly ready.. i feel i got so caught up in life and meaningless things that i forgot that in one second i could die! In that moment i wish i read more quran. that i prayed more. did so many things.. and now im back and im fine and its hard to feel that feeling again. we forget. but God doesnt. we regret. but God forgives.

i wish that i can be a better person and that i can press one button to clean my heart and make my iman as strong as it once was.

ok that was a serious moment.. so well if u all wondered where bagoora is.. she is still in egypt and has been spending lots of time with a gamoosa :P will keep u posted with her news lol

Im Due April 18th inshala..... Pray for Me & little layla "lulu"


asoom said...

il insan byinsa....the 2 words probably come from the same root

we forget, it's human nature. I kept wanting to speak egyptian after visiting egypt, it's just a funner dialect!

Anonymous said...

^ I recall someone saying they are from the same root word. It certainly is so true that "man gets and forgets, while Allah gives and forgives."

Glad you made it home safely, alhamdulillah. Stay safe, inshaAllah...and April 18th is not far off. You're going to be a great mommy!

Summer said...

El Hamdulillah 3ala essalameh! glad the trip went well with a little food poisining...not so bad to have a light case of it while in cairo, it is actually part of the trip! I am gald your flight landed safely. bissalameh for Lulu delivery..inshallah it will all go well.

nana said...

el7amdellah 3la elsalameh ya 7elweh

kinzi said...

Welcome home!!! SO glad God's mercy was on you and the plane didn't crash ooo ishi hayki. :O

They let you fly that pregnant?

and life goes on... said...

bil salameh inshalla ya rab for you and for baby lulu...

I went through the same experience with the the bad turbulence two times in the last month.. and I know exactly how it feels when you think of your life at that very minute and wish you were closer to God.

hikari said...

7amdellah 3ala salamtek,,wallah it's scary to experience that feeling on the plane..u reminded me years ago when I survived that bus crash in Jordan, we all did el7amdolellah but the thought of being too close is scary..rabna yesalim eljamee3 inshallah men el 7awadeth..
el mohem you had fun there :) inshallah lamma t2oomi bel salameh wo tekbar lulu shwi take her again to Egypt :D
tc sweets

hikari said...

btw dino it's me Reema (om Khaled) from msn :D

Anonymous said...

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Nouf said...

OMG, that was probably one of the most funniest posts I have ever read lol (i mean the first part), I personally have never been to Egypt and not even planning to hehe *giggles*

I am so glad u landed safely :) Allah y7fa'6ch :)

Sumi said...

Assalamu Alaikom Sis Dino,

Congrats! Im in Kuwait. I can't believe you were just here! Im a writer and would like to contact you about a project Im working on. Will you PLEASE email me at ?

xoxo Sumi

Heba said...

Cairo is chaos. that is what happen when you cram this amount of people in a small place. i hope in your next visits to Egypt try to go the the beaches, hurghada ..sharm ... marsa matrooh, ...etc,

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