Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dear Belly

My Dear Pregnant Belly
You were once simple a Karoosh
You sometimes still feel like jelly
And sometime i fill you with Fatoosh

You sometimes block my view
And are starting to get in my way
You are so big i can't reach my shoe
You are getting bigger everyday

I will miss using you as a table
But i will not miss you in my sleep
when you are gone i will finally be able
to sleep without counting sheep


*p.s. this cartoon is an illustration of a real photo i took watching tv and was told its too embarrassing to post on my blog :)


Nur said...

Hahaha :D
I love your blog, makes me laugh and feel tenderness at the same time :D
I hope everything will be okey!

Hala said...

Hehehe, I cannot believe you will be a mommy soon. Yalla post the picture and I promise we will not laugh :P

The Wizard of D said...

All the best... as you go round the final bend!!!

Digital Nomad said...

LoL! Ok, that's pretty funny, and I don't think the actual pic would be embarrassing at all...great poem, too :)

El Hazard said...

CUTE! Inshallah everything will be fine =)

and life goes on... said...

as usual.. so creative!

Anonymous said...

My My ...what BIG Toes you have ...
You remind me of a Girraff doll , that has long arms and long feet and a big Toe ,it's one ugly thing...but what can I say , it's "Khelit allah " lol .

Missing You SMS said...

hahaha... thats so funny thanks for sharing this with us..