Sunday, January 29, 2017

It's the Little Things that Make Life Big

  Looking back at my life, my childhood memories and the things that really are dear to my heart. Those special moments and memories that i cherish and hold in my heart forever made me realize that its the littlest things and acts of kindness that someone might not even remember that have had a great impact on my life.

I remember i was once so upset about something ( i don't even remember what it was) i was in city center mall and i was outside the prayer area sitting on one of the stairs steps crying. A hijabi girl i don't know came to me and just gave me a hug and left. It's been maybe 25 years since that hug & i will never forget it cause it came at a time i felt i needed one & i really didnt have any hijabi friends at the time. I was not muhajaba and i kind of had this idea that hijabees can be extra conservative or
judgemental cause i didnt wear the hijab. Not only did she change the way i saw hijabees her kindess made me want to learn about our religion and she could have simply passed by me without looking at me or saying a word but she made a choice to do something kind. I wish i can know who she was and that i could tell her how much that hug meant to me and how much it has affected me.

How many times did we walk away when we could have done something kind? 
Telling ourselves its not our business or it will be too weird to say anything. 

You know one time im about to enter an elevator sometimes holding a bunch of stuff. Not only did the person in the elevator not help or hold the door open for me, they kept pressing on the CLOSE button to make sure i don't get in! * tut tut tut

My friend lost her son in a playground ( just for a few minutes) that felt like a lifetime she was standing there screaming for help. Yelling out his name at the top of her lungs with a cripling sound of fear in her voice! No one did anything but stare or walk by her. 

It's in our human nature to help each other & care for each other. It's okay to greet each other for no reason. Salam Alikom or Hi. or a simple smile wont cost you anything. 

You know il bujulotooni? those who you smile at and don't smile back?!
         IGLIB WIJHAK nazra on the face zay had il 3amo

I don't remember a lot of things as i feel my brain is like Dory the fish in Nemo but there are things i will never forget. Like my best friend standing there in front of the hospital after i msgd her 6 am that my water broke. Like the way my husband used to come everyday to be by my side when we were engaged and my dad was in the hospital.

 I remember the week before my dad had his stroke how he went to the discount store and bought all the kinds of candles he found cause i had mentioned i wanted to have floating candles in my wedding. ( he got some very weird ones) but it was soooo cute and thoughtful and i wish i can go back to that day and give him the biggest HUG.

I will never forget having my friends there for me at the times i needed them the most especially after coming out of the operation room and still under the anesthesia effect lol

I remember when i once wore the hijab one of my friends thought i was joking about it. She laughed and laughed and it broke my heart into pieces cause i was so vulnerable at that time. After she realized i was not joking and how she really had hurt my feelings i remember getting and email from her. It was sent not just to me but to many other people and she said that just like she laughed infront of others she wanted to apologize in front of others as well and that she truly was sorry and proud of me. Her email really touched my heart because she could have simply just walked away.

I remember my mom freaking out when she thought i was about to deliver my baby and it was even blogged about here

 I remember compliments from total strangers.. When i compliments i don't mean " Eish ya Khasseh" or "Barbie" mu3akasat in Amman. I mean that lady that stops just to tell you " You are Beautiful" or " i love your Eyes or .. ( anything nice) that was ever said is something you will remember cause she is a total stranger and has no reason to JAMEL and is simply just being nice. 

Mostly happens fe Blad il Ajaneb cause in the Arab world the lady giving you the look from head to toe with ja7ra is probably admiring what you are wearing. And if in the Arab world you are complimented by an Auntie and you are the age of 20-28 know that this compliment might be followed by " mertebta ya habeebti?"

I remember so many things and most of them are kind things people have done and not the materialistic things because its those little things that you hold dear to your heart and cherish forever and truly impact your life. Think about what you say to others cause hurtful words can hurt so deeply. 

Never underestimate the power of kindness and kind acts or simple words to others. A simple text a smile, a sincere compliment that you are thinking but never told that person. Its those things that bring people together and remind us that it is only Human Nature to be Kind so please fight that inner sharshabeel inside of all us and Lets all just SPREAD THE LOVE!!

  * Group Hug * Group Dabke

 YA bayeee shu Baggorr anaaaa 


Sakeena.within said...

Assalamu alaikum Dinos,
I am a big fan of your blog.. Been away for years and back now with a new blog and can't believe you still blog! So proud of you girl.. Keep 'em posts coming!

Dino$ said...

Sakeeena its comments like this and readers like you why i want to always keep on blogging :)) Thank you