Saturday, June 10, 2006


Well... after 3 months of working.. i have had enough lol.. not its not that ive had enough.. more than one thing happened... i know i made the right decision to leave..

i just didnt belong there and felt i had to leave... im soo happy now... i can appreciate the concept of : TIME!!!

no more stress! long TRAFFIC hours!!! NO MORE BOSS! this what i call...

i have soo many thoughts that are stuck in my mind waiting to be blogged... so i dunno where to start... i learnt soo much this past 3 months... its different to work and have a taste of the real world.. where MONEY is everything.. and everyone forgets everything when it comes to that... its sad... but true...

we live in a materialistic world and people dont really care abt ethics, morals, what is right and wrong.. its all abt getting what they want..and stepping on whoever gets in their way.. getting what they want no matter how they do it.

i miss the old days when my troubles in life were whether i got a "mickey mouse" or "mini mouse"lunch box to school... the older i get the more nostalgic i feel to those KG days :P

i got lots of job offers hamdulilah but im think im goin to take a break b4 i go back to the stress again... :) guess you'll be reading more thoughts


theone said...

ma b3rf sho be7kolaha hay bs mabrook l2no sheklek far7aneh :D

nshala tl2i eshi be3jebek aktr wa btstmt3i fee aktr

wedad said...

thats good for you, i did it many times and resign to have a break!! and get some rest :D

Nana said...

good for u. I quitted last year, and I know the feeling.

Unfortunately, they convinced me to return, and I did.