Saturday, June 10, 2006

Know Me Better :)

this is for you LAdy D .. sorry its late.. i recieved a similar email ill answer:)

5 people who top your craplist, and why
- liars hypocrites & show offs
- haifa wahbi and all " boos il wawa" amthal
- people who are muslims and give out the wrong impression
abt islam with thier unilsamic actions...
- sharon tab3an wa kol 2a3da2 il islam
- ba3rafsh liesh bas ILHAAM SHAHEEN & Mohammad Muneer!!

Close brushes with death dangers:

lol i lost track but ill mention the ones i remember
- i was hit by a car when i was in the gulf war in kuwait...
- i almost drowned as a kid, and more than once jumped in shallow water and
HIT MY HEAD cause i thought it was deep! lol
- jumped off a closet when i was a kid with bed sheets on my back sayin i was " superwoman"
landed on my back! OUCH
- Have had more than one car accident... nothin serious but could of been many times
- Was almost kidnapped as a kid

lots more i forgot ...

5 Guilty Pleasures
- The guilt u feel after having CHOCOLATE! yummy!
- The guilt we feel after playin pranks on friends when they feel soo stupid for fallin for your prank! lol
-The guilt you feel when you take somethin away from a kid and he starts crying
- The guilt you feel for laughing when someone said a hilarious joke abt someone else
- The guilt you feel after Sleeping way too much...

5 Things you never want to forget:
-The moment i opned my eyes after the lazic operation and COULD SEE WIthout GLASSES
-The moment i first saw al ka3bah
-How it felt to play in the snow ( hown ma fe snow ) :(---
-How it feels to be a young so that when i grow up i will know how to deal with my kids
-A dream i had once..

5 Things you wish to forget
- Someone i had grown attached to for a while who simply walked out of my life...
- The death of my close friend in an accident
- The many mistakes i have done in my life
- My school days when i was a major geek lol
- A nightmare i had more than once..

5 really exotic dishes you have tried:
-Mansaf YUMMA!
-Msakhan we fREEAKA!
-Sumagiyah ( i think this is as exotic as it gets)

5 crushes/loves in your life… in chronological order:
5 bass? :P
when i was in Grade 2 i liked this called call hani in my class and asked him to marry me lol
when i was in Grade 4 i think.. i liked my teacher!!!
in University i had one major crush....
*blushing.. khalas bikafee... eyyyyyyyy

Strangest dream you've ever had
i sleep a lot.. ya3ni i dream alot... but one of the weirdest dreams i had was one where i saw myself but it wasnt really me but some evil witch possessing my body!! and she was making tea for my teta and mom! and she put some poisong or seomthing! i was SCReaming but no one can HEAR ME or see me and thought i was that EVIL witch!! CREEPY film hindi!

once i prayed istikhara for a guy who proposed and well i dreamt he was scratching his head with his SHOE!! LOL weird.... glad that didnt work out lol

5 most valued personal possessions
- my wallet with all my karakeeb in it and pics
- my car soona! ( which btw i finally WASHED)
- little notes i keep from friends and cards from the kids i teach sayin " love u miss dina"awww
- many gifts that i got from ppl who were dear to me...

ill edit it with more answers later :) enjoy


Nana said...

At last 3abbarteeny?! :p
thanks for answering dandoon.
I enjoyed reading ur answers :D

I laughed a lot, especially at u asking hani to marry you, in grade 2 kaman LOOL.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

anytime nana! there is another longer list of questions i need toa nswer and post :D hehe

glad u enjoyed my habal! :D

Anonymous said...

i hate na3na3 singer & elham shahen

m.s said...

i enjoyed it.

this is sweet dina.

u made me smile & laugh from heart

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

m.s. glad you are ok and smiling :) zaman 3an ur comments

anonyomous lol
na3 na3 singer? howa nafso?

All Seeing Eye said...

ktirrrrrrrr mahdoumi. :)
i even asked myself these questions, i came out with answers i never thought i have.