Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dino$ Thought$

More time on my hands so i have more time to think and share my thoughts!! My mind is continously thinking about life and i try to find answers to the endless questions i have... i just end up with more deeper questions and a blank look on my face... Sometimes feel im a patient in an operation room who has just woken up from a deep comma.. looking around in confusion tryin to figure out the world around me... my illustration shows how i feel :)

I was thinking about different things like beauty& intelligence and the ways people follow many stereotypes to measure things in life.. So to be considered intelligent does it mean you should get straight A's? Do your grades determine how intelligent you are? Einstien was a failure in school and look how he turned out!

And what about beauty? im not goin to say " beauty lies within" or "its in the eye of the beholder" to avoid sounding cheesy ... but i beleive beauty is what is natural what GOd has created.. i dont think going through many plastic surguries and ending up looking like a barbie or somehow plastic as a way to be beautiful..

These days i flip through the channels and i feel all the singers and women on tv look alike! maybe they go to the same plastic surgeon! sad... but true.. some actually have facial expressions that seem to have stuck after the operation.. soo much weird stuff injected in their faces they cant even smile without looking constipated!! lol

I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way.. or has a certain beauty to them.. not many are as fortunate as charles theron or brad pitt... :P

I believe that each person is born with a gift or many gifts.. some might not be great in school or with grades.. might be great artists or even scientists someday! Intelligence should not be measured by A's or C's which are mere letters to label ppl! i've seen people who were the considered the smartest kids in school.. make the stupidest decision in thier life...


eastechoswestrythms said...

I suppose I have a narrow definition of intelligence. I define it as someone who is calm and able explain things in more detail, things about what they say before they say it, has experienced a lot in life and has read a lot, someone who is not easily annoyed and patient, loving and calm and full of advice.

As for beauty...superficial barbie beauty and symetrical features are enjoyable to look at but beauty must have substance and not be an empty shell for that is as real as a mirage. I think beauty is when you recognize the sparkle of soul itself for just a second and mingle with the energy in silence. How I wish that I could stretch that second into an eternity.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

thanks for that... i enjoyed reading ur thoughts :)