Thursday, June 22, 2006


Nowadays there are many misconceptions that come along with hijjab. Some people automatically assume that the girl who wears hijjab is opressed and thinks backward or has serious issues that lead her to wearing it... To those people freedom is seen as exposing as much of your body as possible ... and so on..

IT could be hard for someone from a totally different cultural background to realize the point or beauty of hijjab... and sometimes ppl just need to get logical explanations for things and ask the question "WHY HIJJAB?" and then they ask " How come not all muslim woman wear it if its part of ISLAM? soo ill try to answer this question maybe someone out there might come across my blog and learn something about the beauty of hijjab..

Why wear hijjab? Well first of all as muslims we follow the Holy Quran & Prophet Mohamad(pbuh) and just like we have to pray 5times a day woman are supposed to wear hijjab. This is mentioned in more than one verse in the Quran and in Hadiths and the literal meaning of the word is :

Hijab or ħijāb (Arabic: حجاب) is the Arabic term for barrier,to hide from view or conceal. By extension, it can mean clothing or demeanor that protects modesty by creating a barrier

I feel hijjab is a protection and honor for woman.It gives an indescribable sense of security and dignity. A woman wearing hijjab is making a statement to the world about her identity saying " I am a MUSLIM and i am PROUD". She is also stating that i am not going to be looked at as a piece of meat or an object,and not anyone can see my beauty. That itself is an honor to every woman.

IF you look at Gods creations you will realize that almost everything has a cover that protects it.

Fruits have outer layers that keep them fresh and protected. A pearl is found in an oyster.

For ex. you have a diamond. Would you leave it lying around the house for everyone to see it or steal or step on it? OR would you leave it in a safe Box and hide it ?

Woul d you get a chocolate with or without a WRAPPING?
( had to bring chocolate in the subject) hehe

When you want to buy the simplest things as food would you buy the food that was lying out for soo long that the surely has been touched and might have flys swarming all around it.. OR would you go for the sealed package??

Even when you buy perfume you might spray from the TESTER but when you want to buy the perfume you will defintely get the closed bottle :)

I think i just compared hijjab to food,chocolate,perfumes and pretty much everything that came to mind and im in no way sayin that non-mohabah woman are not modest . Im just saying that hijjab will only ADD to your modesty, purity & dignity.

So...Islam has no fixed standard as to the style of dress or type of clothing for Muslim women. However, some requirements must be met :

A woman should show only her face and hands ( some scholars say the face should be vieled too while others believe its not manditory ).
Another requirement is an over-all dignified appearance.

The clothing should not attract men's attention to the woman.

It should not be shiny and flashy so that everyone notices the dress and the woman.

The clothing must be loose and thick enough so as not to show the color of the skin it covers or the shape of the body.

i can go on forever but mainly this is kind of a small summary that i hope was helpful

Hijab is not merely a covering dress but more importantly, it is behavior, manners, speech and appearance in public. Unfortunately is misconcieved by the way some women who wear hijjab are not practicing islam properely or giving the right impression nowadays.

Why not all muslim woman wear it is not because it is not an obligation but i guess we all sometimes feel weak and maybe not ready to take certain steps in our lives even when we know they are the RIGHT thing to do... Some lack enough knowledge about religion and dont understand or appreciate hijjab the way they should... And i guess some women are just waiting for the right time and its all in God's hands....

So in conclusion, im a muhajjabah ( hamdulilah) and have been for almost 6 years hamdulilah... im not oppressed and I would NEVER trade it for the world. I know that for me this is what Allah[swt] wants me to do, and it's the most correct, Insha'Allah.

I feel blessed and i wish i could express the beauty of hijjab to the world so that they actually envy me for wearing it rather than judge me and assume wrong assumptions about me.


mudassar said...

assallamu allaikum. hey r u angry with me? if yes then i am really very sorry. so how have u been. hey i totally agree with u about the girls in hijab. i think the way the girls dress in dubai makes everyone go crazy especially batchelors like me :) i think they should follow a strict dress code so that people could live happily every after.. ting ting diting !!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hey mud acturally i thought you were mad at me... :s ne way.. im in the airport right now waiting to baord my plane tursn out i can check my mail here! cool! im goin to jordan for a while .. probably wont be bloggin cause i dont have the net there... soo take care and if i can blog i will :D see ya

mudassar said...

hey its so good to hear from u that u r going to jordan. i hope u have loads of fun out there. u take care and have a really nice trip. will be waiting for you..

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