Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It$ R@INING Ag@in

when i said i need a boat to get to my car you thought i was exaggerating... here is a pic of a parking in SHARJAH!!
i got to work at 10 am! i left the house at 6:10 :S seriously... im soo sleepy...... *yawn*

you know what i hate... other than traffic and pickles :P i hate when people act like they like you when they just can't wait till they hear that something bad happened to you...they try to hide what they really feel but you can always tell who truely is happy for you when something good happens in your life... one look and one word would give away what they feel!! they keep asking you a billion questions a second about your life and would never tell you anything about themselves...

*sigh* anyway... al hamduilah i think by now i can tell who is sincere and who isn't...


Anonymous said...

shekelkom a5adtoo elma6ar men 3enna :( we want it back :ganweh:

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

he3 he3 tigi ni2sim il ma6araya !
ghareeb it didnt rain in jordan yet

Anonymous said...

yumma :|

hada mo5eef! ho ana sadda2tek :P I hear so much about this bs enno bel Riadh (keef btenkatab lol) enno jad 3'aree2a! 3ashanha kteer mostaweyeh!

so take care ^_^ o raj3oolna el ma6ar sa7ee7 :@

SimSim el yoam ma66arat 3nna, balaash a7ki ma66arat :D rashat rashooshayeh Zo3'ananayaa, u missed it he3 he3 :ch:

Nana said...

wow, so are you guys supposed to be happy or sad because it rained? cuz it rarely rains there, no?

and I LOVE pickles!

me too, I hate it when ppl act like that :)

Anonymous said...

me tooo...i HATE two-faced ppl!!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

weddo ba7ib 7akyatik inti kteer toota :D

*dina gives weddo kees fe shwayi6 ma6ar

nana biti7ibi pickles.. ya3oo :P
im happy it rained but im not soo happy abt the traffic :) ishta2tilik ya gumaraya

Drama D i totally agree with u :)

theone said...

edeona netfeh :D