Sunday, December 10, 2006

I've Been T@gged

i am about to just use this sling shot to GET AWAY from all you TAGGERS!!! Lets see who TAGS ME when im FIL SAMA! :P

Seven Things I want to do in life:
1. Memorize the Quran & learn how to read it with tajweed :)
2. Go to Hajj inshala with my future husband
3. Make a difference to the Muslim Ummah somehow
4. Go to Al Masjid Al Aqsa
5. Learn as much as possible about Islam
6. hmmmm... maybe teach Quran 2 ppl above the age of 8 someday :P
7. Become a better muslim :)

Seven Things I can do:
1. Make people laugh when they are feeling down
3. I can get along with almost anyone especially kids :)
4. Immitate almost any accent :P
5. Be very silly & make the weirdest baby voithe :P
6. Sing without breaking any glass :)
7. i can Bake yummy cakes & I GET HIGH ON CHOCOLATE & CAFFIENE :P

Seven Things I can’t do:
1. Lie! when i try i fail miserably lol
2. Play the guitar or any other instrument :P
3. Hide my what i feel... Usually u can tell what i am feeling by looking at my face :)
4. Stay Quiet!!
5. I can't act like i like someone when i simply dont...
6. Play basketball or dance Dabkeh!

Seven things I say the most:
1. YA toooota! YA poooolie!!! YA LalaaaaaS!
3. Ba7obbik
4. Sub7annallah!
5. La22aaa
6. MashaAllah
7. Merci ya Morsi

Seven Things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. Height
2. Nice smile & teeth
3. Sense of Humor
4. Someone who appreciates my psycho moods
5. Someones who is not a Show off
6. Simplicity, Honesty
7. Someone i feel comfortable being myself around & who will like me the way i am even after reading my blog ;)

Seven Celebrity Crushes:
Cant say crushes... but i love thier acting... Tom Hanks, Edward Norton, Al Pacino, Robert De Nero, Brad Pitt :P And i have no idea if they are crazy in real life i just like their acting yabu laghloogh :P

i will tag ppl later...

let me move on to the next tag.. sho malkom kolkum taggin me !!! yala

Tag Rules

- Grab the closest book to you

- Open page 123

- Scroll down to the 5th sentence

- Post the next 3 sentences on your blog

- Name the book and author

- Tag 3 people

i work in a pharmecuetical company lol soooo ya3ni sho hal hazz look what i got...

Composition : Each tablespoon (15ml) contains Kaoilin 2.7 g. Pectin

Indications :

Symptoms relief of mild diarrhea!!!!! loooool

Dosage and Administration :

Adults 2 tablespoonful!!

ya3ni out of all the pages i get the diarrhea page... i could of chose another one but i am too honest i cant cheat lol

i will not tag anyone to avoid any more unecessary info!!!


Naryat said...

Dino 3azizti, when i wanted to tag u i should add one more tag rule:
my sister studies pharmacy, w she can't study in a low voice! She always SCREAMS what she is reading!
w lama tayagtek kaman tele3 elktab el ma3aki PHARMACY!
w ba3denlawro7ti 3alsama, bentayygek bel satellitel internet ;-)

MQabbani said...


so long list Wallah , but it nice , about Quran its not that hard to memorise it just the hard is TO KEEP IT :( ,
tajweeed is so interesting one u learn it u never forget .. : ) i can help u in it : ) lool ,

welcome to the Club
in things u can do point (1,3,4,6 naa o will break WALLS,)

soo welcome to the psycho moods class : ) ..

nice list wish u DO what you wishing to DO ..

see ya : ) it's long list not going to comment more : P

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

lol naryat

thanks 4 ur comment M :) yes inshala ill learn one day :)

eman said...

Seven Celebrity Crushes:
Cant say crushes... but i love thier acting... Tom Hanks, Edward Norton, Al Pacino, Robert De Nero


Anonymous said...

just do it.. be a sport

SomeGuyFromPlanet said...

"Seven Things I can’t do:

Here's a tip:
- bring a loudspeaker, and when you lost your way, shout by your speaker, "is there anyone see a car numbered CB34 blablabla?" lol.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

iman tislami Thanks wa inti kaman

dram diva :) ehe im kidding :)

sgfjp thank for the tip :P but there is always the watchman and he sees me looking for my car and without me asking he points to where tit is and laughs at me lol

sara said...


Well, may Allah fulfill all your dreams and grant us all the sincerity in all our acts & deeds.. amen.

Love you fiAllah..

with respect,

Digital Jewel said...

Thanks for doing my tag! You're like my sister, with the ability to imitate accents. I can't imagine anybody not liking you especially after reading my blog, mashaAllah. InshaAllah you and I will both do well on our memorizing Qur'an goals. Ameen to everything you want to accomplish in life!

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