Tuesday, December 05, 2006


So... if you live in the uae you would probably have noticed the RAIN!! you know how they say // "its raining cats & dogs"! It rained soo much i have to say it was raining COWS :P OMG.. i was actually surprised to how much it rained! I LOVE the rain!! The only thing i don't really like is the way the roads have turned into RIVERS! How traffic is even worse when its raining!!

The parking in front of my house has turned into a big pool :P its soo weird to have to swim to your car :P hehe ok im exaggerating! but the water would almost reach your knee at some points!! :P


Anonymous said...

Rain is good. It will helps
1. to reduce haze
2. slow the wild fire (if any)
3. you sleep better (eventhough you switch off the AC)
4. water your plants

and the list goes on and on....Rain, without doubt is man's greatest gift but the quetion now does all rainfall have the same causes?

Rana said...

LOL Dina , the picture is hilarious :p

i love rain , i don't care if i drawned later on.

can u imagine a cow as a rain drop?? LOL

i love reading your post, keep them coming dear :flowers:

Anonymous said...


3nna ma 3m betma66er :S

At least there's someone enjoying the rain :(

el jaw 3nna zene5! It's sunny yet the air is so chilly! eza wa22afti bel fai shwai u'll freeze :dededede:

Tamara said...

lol Dina ..the picture is great !

I wish it would rain in Amman, its freezing cold with no rain !! wa3

digital nomad said...

I love the smell of rain...it makes everything so nice a clean...mmmm good!

Qwaider قويدر said...

Since you're in UAE, you can say, it's raining cats and Camels! :)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hehe thanks drama diva :) i will keep ha in mind i love rain :D

rana ahlan hahah a cow as a rain drop wuold be deadly! lol

weddoo lol at "dedede" aaahaahahahaa

tamara :) thanks and inshala tma6ir 3inkum kaman

DN yes i agree :D i feel it cleans the weather somehow :)

qwidar lol @ camels

Anonymous said...

here sarelha two days mo mshatyeh wel jaw nar :s

Anonymous said...

El mohem enek te3rafi tesba7i !


Rebecca said...

Hi Dino,
I just want to tell you that I love all your images you draw. They are so whimsical and peppy. I'm just curious what program you use to create them.

alghoul said...

haha ... me and my brother used to swim outside in water puddles with the neighbors kids when it rained so much ... ALTHOUGH WE HAD A SWIMMING POOL ... Allah y3eenek 3l traffic!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

joood it stopped here too *sigh*

Dar yes hamdulilah and im too tall to drown dayman my feet reach the ground :P

rebecca thanks i use illustrator :)

al ghoul... what can i say... u have a pool yet choose to swim in a puddle of mud... hmmm... that is something very very... what is the word? lol nawari? hahahahaha :P just Kidding i probably did the same

alghoul said...


MQabbani said...


rain mean Matar right ?? ;)

well just make sure to have diving suit

Em@n said...

dandoun!!! wallah innik ta7sheesh... you should see what happening here in Canad! its snowing so bad! i cant go out of my house. im afraid to open the garage to take the car out.. hada iza tel3at! i should send you a pic maybe!
everything out is WHITE outside!!