Thursday, July 24, 2008


Today is my LAST DAY of WORK!! I AM SO SO SO SO HAPPY! SO SO SO SO HAPPY! i feel like i have been trapped in a cave and suddenly i SEE THE LIGHT! to think of the world of possibilities and how much potential i have and the time i wasted here i just say
AL HAMDULILAH! AS soon as my next job is official i will definitely blog about it
but for now inshala khier!


WOOOOOOOO HOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooo

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Islamic Noor ( GumuS)

Hello Everyone! Sorry its been a while been kind of busy lately!! Ofcourse If you live in jordan or any part of the middle east you may have already caught the "GUMUS" fever! The Turkish series "GUMUS" mdablaj in baab al 7aara style on MBC4.

At first you start watching out of curiosity and you make fun of the names like " 3abdeeen"and "ruqaya" and you are like hahah sho hal habal! then somehow you hear that everyone is watching it and you find it on tv all the time so you start watching it secretly and still make jokes about the ppl who watch it. Then you turn into an official mohanad and noor fan and u even start convincing ppl to watch it! saying things like "ino insi il accent il 2esa kteeer kteeer 7ilwe!!"

it's like Casandra & Bab il 7ara all over again!

My friends are in Turkey for a visit and were told that this was one of the lamest series in turkey and that these ppl are not very famous there! No wonder they have time to come to DUBAI and KUWAIT to meet their fans! No wonder muhannad has time to star in a video with a haabta singer.

Everyday in the newspaper there is a new story about a woman who got beat up by her husband after she asked him to be more like muhanad. Another was divorced for putting muhannads pic on her mobile as a screensaver! lol

aslan his name isnt mohannad! its sounds more like a sineye falling from 3al daraj
kivantatalug ting tash ting tash hahah :P

So yes i watch it.... and no i don't plan on watching it till season 7! Did u guys know it is actually still playing in turkey?! it has reached season 7!

MUHANNAD eventually dies and his son actually grows up to be HIM! hahahahhaha SHOCKER

And i think that noor chic will grow up to be noor and they start falling in love all over again!

So bagoora went to meet them and says that nooor had another wedding this time with hijjab and she had bagoora do all the cooking!! heheehhe

Ya rayt yi7ajboohum fi hal musalal !