Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Wisdom Teeth Removal Experience( Last Summer)

So.. Last Summer i was in jordan. And what do you do when you are in jordan other than eat Mansaf/ Msakhan/ enjoy a few 3azayem ? Yes you also buy a bateekha from the street just because you can. oh and ofcourse you also watch "ye3ed saba7ak" which surprisingly is still showing everyday. You pass by sweifieyeh to buy all the latest DVD copy movies & music mix CDs each bas " LEERA" ( 1JD)

The most important thing you have to Do especially if you live in Dubai issss Go to the DENTIST!
Have you checked how expensive going to a Dentist is in Dubai? Im not cheap or anything but seirously i could pay for a ticket to jordan get all my teeth done and still pay less than i would in Dubai! So any hoooo... i go to my family dentist who i love and is a great dentist and she asks me to check how my wisdom teeth are coming out. And to my surprise in the Xray apparently they were coming out wrong. so she asks want to take them out? 

Without thinking i say " OKAY" not knowing its an actual operation. thinking ok.. how hard can it be?!?! So she asks " what about tomorrow?" i say " okay great"

sooo.. next day i go...the surgeon arrives! it then hit me that its an OPERATION and not just a simple procedure!  and well after being injected with a lot of anesthetic he started cutting through my gums and OMG i wanted to GAAG ! he would hold my like and try to pull out the tooth like he is pulling out a nail from the pavement! u know when someone pulls so hard that his arms starts to shake. at a certain poitn i felt my head would just disconnect from my body! And well because i wanted to get it over with i let him remove 2 wisdom TEETH and not just ONE! 

In the middle of the process he said something i will never forget.. he said " ba3d il GERD Allah ma SAkha6oh"!! unable to speak with cotton balls and a bloody mouth i wanted to say 

HUHHH??? sho gerd ma gerd?! 

Till after i asked what he mean and well he said that the worst that could happen la wa7ad ino Alllah yskha6oh gerd.. ya3ni he was actually trying to COMFORT me telling me the WORST Is OVER!!

all i could thnk of was that is he saying sar shekli zay il gerd????

And then he would say " wallah inek ba6aleh?" at this point my dentist was about to faint from the whole procedure! 
Dear 3amo who took out my wisdom teeth and 3amo who did my LAZEC operation and EPIDURAL dr . when i DO NOT MOVE during operations it is not because i am BRAVE! its is because i am so FREAKED OUT i am FROZEN WITH FEAR! like yeah i will move and RISK messing up the procdures?! 

truth is after the operation... i was worse than a gerd.. my face was not only swollen it was so swollen it was FREAKY ! it was UNREAL! really! i am NOT EXAGERRATING! ppl who have had thier wisdom teeth removed would look at me and think OMG EIS HADA!!! it looked like somone photoshoped my face to stretch my cheeks ! when people saw me they would GASP! or just STARE with Shock then laugh ! 

And that my dears is my wisdom teeth removal experience that i never shared here. and should have because it was a a MAJOR event!

translation = gerd= monkey in jordanian.. and i still dont understand his lovely metaphor!


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

Oh thank you for the ...scare! I mean share! I "we" have so bad exp.s with 3ammo dentist :'(

Jood said...

Exactly what happened with me, bs ana 2emt 4 marrah wa7deh, you can imagine how I suffered, and at one point when he was trying to get the third one out I was totally disconnected from the world, he starts begging me to open my eyes and scream, he thought something bad happened to me. and the face afterward, oh my, like attaching a whole ba6ee5a to my body :( and experience that would never be forgotten. I made sure to take some photos so I will never forget :D

Anonymous said...

I am 25 and still don't have my wisdom teeth , maybe that's why I'm not wise enough , lol


Haitham Seelawi said...

LOL! I took off the ones on the left side, and never returned to do the rest :D I could not eat for 4 days, and could not eat “Mtl el5aleg elnas” for 4 week!

Dentist Reviews said...

I go a couple times a year. I had something bad one time and had 2 root canals. They say you can't feel anything, do listen to them. You feels all the digging and scrapping, and my teeth never feel right ever after they mess with them.

Anonymous said...


Sniper said...

I had the same operation in both of my lower teeth in one session cuz I was traveling the next day.. They were growing sideways and actually impacted my other molars! It WAS unforgettable experience for me too.. I bled for almost 3 hours :S

Dino$ said...

haitham ana wallah ma kont 3arfeh il mawdoo3 hayk fakart min kutur ma il nass bit2ool they removed their wisdom teeth yitla3 sahl! its not easy but i guess labor was harder :P

joooood! 4!!! bateekha wa bas i was 2 bateekhat one on each side! and i took lots of photos even posted one of FB and ppl were shocked and thought i photoshoped it lol hamdela 3al salamtek! ba6aleh!! sho 4!! ana 2 wa injanayt!

Dino$ said...

anonymous haha i left 2 i didnt want to lose all of my wisdom :P

haitham seelawi.. one! a least u could eat on ONE SIDE and both sides i could not eat. the only thing i could eat with far7a wa ICE CREAAAAM YUMMY :)

Dino$ said...

dentist reviews.. yes you do. and as soon as the anesthetic wears off ur just ni intolerable pain!!

Dino$ said...

anonymous 2 ... i am not a "LIAR" check your spelling :P

Dino$ said...

sniper i did them both at once because i was traveling a week after and well mine were the same but i never complained from them but i was told that if i dont remove them one day they might cause pain so i removed them just incase! but still kaan experience unforJJJEtable bil JJJEEEM

Jood said...

The dentist actually wanted to pull only 2 but and after 2 weeks the other 2, but I insisted to pull them together, ele 3alaik 3alaik, metwaj3a metwaj3a, why suffer two times.
You won't believe why i decided to pull them out, I actually had no pain whatsoever, but I just wanted to kill the routine that I was in, and thought taking them out can bring some action to my life :D and as what happened with you, called the dentist and he said come tomorrow, and tomorrow I went :D

Dino$ said...

joood lool 2al bidi action! whats next for action? luwaz?? zaydeh? sheleeha arya7 haha ur so funny well i didnt have pain either but i was told it would start hurting me! but i suggest u start watching action movies for action in ur life or ull end up having endless surgeries :P

Cate said...

LOOL! I extracted all four last August and I have super chubby face for almost a week! Btw I ask the dentist to put me to sleep, I'm so scared to experience all the procedure wide awake!