Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Potty Training Journey of PooPie HELL

Oh... the post i have been wanting to post for a long time.. the post i thought i would never be able to post about.. yes as i already shared on Facebook and as i happily share with the world and even when people ask me how is lulu i answer she is "POTTY TRAINED"! oh the joy of finally being able to say that! The Suffering i went through ! akhh akh where should i start.. Now that i have finally succeeded i want to help those mothers who are going through this process or are about to start going through this very hard mission with some tips i used.

First thing you should do is... IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE unwanted advice and those people who make you feel like you are a bad mother because your son. Those people who sometimes even dont have kids and just look at your daughter and say "lisaa ma nadafteeeha"? *surprised look.. as IF potty training is something you do overnight. Every kid is read at thier own time and a mother will know when her kid is ready. There is no use to rush this process because if they are not ready you will only end up cleaning unnecessary accidents from the floor when you could have just waiting till your son/ daughter GOT IT!

I started introducing the potty to lulu before she could even speak.  would just let her sit there hoping she would pp.. and when she does i would do a happy dance and 3urus making her feel that she did something WOW! It would rarely happen.. but i was not strict about potty i just introduced it to her..

From the constant stress and people telling me things like "oh i potty trained my son when he was 18 months"i felt i was doing something wrong.. i started getting stressed and lulu would tell me after she peed not before.. and she would never tell me there is no2.. she would just hide somewhere.. i was losing hope.. i never hit her.. but i would tell her i was upset and that she is a BIG GIRL and that pampers are for babies.. Many told me to just REMOVE the diapers and she will pee on the floor and poop on the floor and then she will GET IT.. well the truth is.. SHE WILL PEE and POOP on the floor and if she is not READY she WILL NOT GET IT.. and you will end up cleaning UNNECESSARY feces off the floor and you will be emotionally and physically drained.. After removing the diapers and failing.. i went back to pullups and decided to IGNORE everyone.. and Do what I FELT was right.. and well slowly i realized she started to tell me when she has to pee.. and she started doing NO2 in the bathroom.. and the best strategy i felt worked with her was giving her STICKERS everytime she went! and when she didnt tell me she would know she isnt supposed to and says " NO STICKAS "

I waited till she i felt her pullups were dry and that she was READY! and yes i was RIGHT ! i felt she understood... so i bravely removed the pampers and was surprised that she ACTUALLY did GET IT FINALLY! so lulu was potty trained at the age of 2years 5 months.. if you feel that is TOO LATE.. well i dont really care because it is when i felt she was ready and i am so glad this journey is over.. im sure there will be an accident here and there but she will learn.You will need a lot of patience.. A lot of cleaning detergents.. & lots of love.. instead of yelling or beating your children or burning thier little cute butts with MATCHES! you should just love them & make them feel that you are proud of them when they go peepee and believe me with your love and support and patience.. with time they WILL GET IT!

Any enjoy going out with your kids before they are potty trained because after they are you will always be tense and worried if she will have to pp when you are not close to a bathroom.. and as soon as she says " mama fe pp" u will run like a crazy lady in the mall to reach on time before she lets go :P

Another tip for potty training.. is make her sit as soon as she wakes up for morning pp.. and then take her every 2 hours.. and even after she is potty trained she will not always tell you.. so when you feels its been a while since the last time just take her anyway and wait for the pp to sharef :P

More Tips I remembered :

• Get your son / daughter potty books and show her in pics and videos that pampers are for babies
• Get her a baby doll and make her put the pampers on the doll
When you buy her underwear buy underwear with her favorite characters and make her feel that wearing underwear makes her a BIG GIRL
• When there is a baby around make sure she notices that the baby is wearing diapers.
• Sometimes they want to go but we are not patient enough. At first they need a sit a little bit on the potty so dont just put them and expect and instant pp. i remember the many times i used to just take her out of the bathroom and she would GO.. id get frustrated that we WERE JUST in the BATHROOM.
• My daughter is afraid of sitting on the regular toilet without the potty seat and would refuse to go to the bathroom when we are out of the house. And i used to carry around the potty seat which was too big! Till  i found this FOLDABLE potty seat that has princesses on it and well ever since she likes going to the bathroom even we are outside.
• There is a video on youtube for ELMO singing his potty song... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqLMcyUFrSA lulu and i loved it :) its fun to watch and actually helps
• If there are other kids around that are her age or around her age who go to the potty and are potty trained. tell her that they DO and let her see them go in the bathroom. She will want to be a BIG GIRL like them :)
• When your baby is ready remove the diaper.. but dont put it back on because it will confuse your kid. i removed it even at night. Some people leave it on at night for a while . I personally removed it totally so that she does not get confused :)