Monday, August 20, 2012

EID MUBARAK كل عام و انتم بخير


So Ramadan is Over?! just saying that gives me goose bumps cause i didnt even get used to saying Raman is HERE?! now its over?! and i feel it just passed in a blink of an eye. I know i should have done so many things and taken advantage of this holy month and yet again i seem to have missed out.

So i said i will make the best out of EID! Let me start by wishing you all a EID MUBARAK and May Allah accept all your prayers and bless you and your family and loved ones. 

I grew up not really excited about EID. yes i got new clothes but usually our parents would take us to visit family and sometimes ( most times) it would be visiting a group of older people who talked about things like  أسهم نازلة و طالعة or shared recipes for making food or complained about this kids.. and well now i would probably enjoy all this conversation ( maybe not the one about stock shares and finances) but in general i probably would have joined in all these topics but as a kid. those conversations seemed like the most boring conversations in the world. and i could NOT wait to LEAVE! 

To me EID was fun cause i got my EIDiyeh but we never decorated or had a EID activity that made me look forward to EID. I always looked forward to HALLOWEEN in school cause we could wear fun costumes and go trick or treating. I Always looked forward to easter cause we would go for our egg hunts and paint eggs in school. I felt no connection to EID. Which is why i decided i don't want that to be the case with my kids. I want them to LOVE EID. Look Forward to IT!  I want them to know that it can be AS FUN as EASTER, HALLOWEEN and any other occassion. Believe it or not there are many muslims who have christmas trees in thier home each year and not once have decorated for EID. 

We decorated our house and with a group of friends we arranged a party for our kids. Where we bought small lanterns for the kids to decorate and loaded a bucket with sweets. The kids attacked the bucket of sweets and in a matter of seconds all their candy bags were full and the bucket was EMPTY!
It was fun to watch! They danced and had a great time and from now on InshAllah every EID we will have a party for the kids so that they know EID is for THEM and not just for just US to do our family visits. Dont forget to have little party bags of sweets and 3edeyeh in them for the kids to take when they go home!

Eid Should bring the joy of all the other celebrations we think are so much more fun!
You get to dress up, get sweets, get money, get gifts, decorate your house, go to play with your friends! 
You also get to spend quality time with your family which is something we tend to somtimes miss out on in our everyday life. Everyone is too busy, too tired too distracted to focus on family time. ofcourse they get to OPEN thier EID gifts on EID morning as well!

Oh i also designed this EID poster and stickers the kids placed on their lanterns. And i actually made EID CUPCAKES! Nutela cupcakes! what is EID without CHOCoLAte?! :) Here are some photos :) 

Lets all try to make EID as fun as possible for our kids. Let them know ISLAM is FUN too :) Lets Make EID and Occassion that Even NonMuslims want to celebrate with us!

Make a difference by starting with your family and before you know it you would have made a difference in the whole world and a whole new generation. Lets start new and fun EID traditions that we look forward to every year :)


Haitham Jafar said...

كل البوستات هالأيام = تعذيب !


هذا أول عيد حقيقي لنا منذ 4 سنوات بين الأهل ...

بصراحة العيد = لا يوجد!

أكثر من طفل يقول

بدي المدرسة تبدا لأنه العيد ممل و بايخ!!

Dino$ said...

il comments shaghaleen :) mumtaaz! ma ho EEID! haha wallah mazboot kalamak.. and that is what we have to change.. its our job as parents to make EID fun and Special! just like we make the effort to make thier bdays special .. we can revive the EID spirit and as i said lets start with our own families and eventually you would have made a difference and one day kids will say "
ya baba ma bedi il eid ykhlas li2ani kteer ba7ibo"


Haitham Jafar said...

لا خايتو!

ما بديييييييييييش

إذا بدهم يحكوا هيك يروحو يدوروا عبابا
ملياردير شغل ريتشي ريتش!