Monday, August 13, 2012

Sadamat Al 7ayat ( Shik Shak Shock)

So what is so shocking about life?! Answer is Everything and Nothing.. How is that?

*dino wears falsafeh thinking cap
*plays a tape of the sound of the ocean in the background

Life is shocking but you see so many shocks in life that you reach a point where NOTHING shocks you.. you feel you have seen it all.. i remember when the first woman in one of Amr Diabs video clips showed a little bit of her tummy and everyone was SHOCKED! ino KEEEF?! ma btest7i! KEEF KAN on TV?!!  that was a long time ago.. now if she shoes JUST her belly we say HAMDULILAH she covered her Gluteus maximus  and other dangerous Qanabel ( bombs )haha

Kids driving cars, smoking weed killing their fellow students in school, pregnant MEN & ofcourse shock of the month for me is some Indians giving thier toddlers and babies snakes to play with because they cant afford TOYS! (shock of the month)

We are in a time where anything can be turned into a video like this haha ( aint no body got time for dat)

People getting shot after they passed tawjihi in AMMAN.. cause HOW can you PASS without some idiot whos concept of CELEBRATION Is shooting Random SHOTS IN THE AIR?!

 Can't they just use those party pops that we use in parties?!

*POP* lovely colored pieces of paper scatter in the air

opposed to 

*POP* Allah yer7amo kaan il awal 3al saffoh!! 

( GOD Have mercy on his soul he was the first in his class)

We are now living in the new " Jaaaheleyah" where people no longer know right from wrong and thier source of information is probably thier schoolmate or friend or maybe haifa wehbi. In a time where hardly anyone has the will or feels the need to learn or know more about their own religion. They don't check thier facts and just are ready to bite your head off if you disagree with their point of view.

Its like you dont like what i say then you are now " KoKha"

ya CD and kokha okay but at least i admit that i myself am guilty of not knowing a lot of things that i should know about Islamic History for instance. I pretty much forgot everything i studied in school and university because then i only had the ability to store the informtion in my head till i wrote down in the EXAM and as soon as i wrote it down its like it FLEW AWAY.. I need to read more.. educate myself from the jahl il ana fe.. but even though im in no place to judge anyone.. i just know for a FACT that there is a LOT.. A WHOLE LOT of WRONG going on in the world.. 

it doesnt take a smart ASs-PRIN :S to know.. that ISLAM is not about people from the same nationality and religion killing each other.. Innocent people dying around the world for one simple reason


It doesnt mean if your SISTER was listening to a song by ABD AL HALEEM that she must be in love  and in a relationship and you have to SHOOT HER fe QADEYET SHARAF ( honor killing)
 ( true story) what if she was listening to SHAKIRA?!

Something is very wrong when you hear about GAY MUSLIMS
huh?!? whats next MUSLIM PROSTITUTES? Believe it or not i once heard of a
*drums roll

GAY IMAAAM (shiekh) *face palm and rejel saweyan

Why do they have they have to use the name of ISLAM?? Just say you are GAY.. Do you have to make a Statement that you are MUSLIM so that some idiot in the world thinks.. OH SO BEING GAY is OKAY in ISLAM? woo hoo...

*man jumps into dress and does a catwalk infront of the mirror while he vigourously chews on a gum like a girly girl 

 There are PSYCHOS in the world doing pretty much anything that crossed your mind or didn't cross your mind. What im trying to say here.. is that we have reached a time and age where so many shocking things are going on around us that we are desensitized bel 3arabi... tamsa7na..

  We have to open our minds in a non shakoosh (hammer )
 against someones head way. 

anybody remember abu shakoosh? haha jsut got a flashback.. this guy in jordan used to run around
pharmacies with a hammer killing people! for a while i used to freak out whenever i 
saw any man walking with his hands in his pocket and big karsh ( belly) id
think is that really a belly of pure fat or is there a hammer hidden under that
jacket somewhere?!

Back to the subject..

When i say we have to be OPENMINDED i dont mean the meaning 
we live today. Nowadays its like " yaaay habeebti you STILL didnt move 
in with your boyfriend??! Come on khaleeeki OPENMINED?

what i say to that is.. 
and probably her parents know about him and they ofcourse are 


Ne hooo.. time for me to goo..just something to sink abawit ya gama3a.


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