Thursday, August 30, 2012

My latest Animation (الجمعيه) Rap Song

okay.. so my friend came over the other day.. i call her JJ and she calls me JJ. Why? its because we used to always take the same bus back home from university and hardly spoke. Till one day we sat next to each other and LOOLED the whole way back home making jokes with 7arf il JJJJJJEEEEM

JAM3iyah Tijjareya.. AJJRAB.. JURBAN. i remember singing a song

Raa7at 3al JJJJAM3iyah al TiJJJAREYEH
wekfet 3and il JJAAJ TBa7lek

something like that.. anyway.. so she came over and faJJJ2a we found ourselves recording 
silly songs..

IRTEJAAALI.. on the spot haha
and this i believe was one of our best productions.. and since i plan on practicing my animation skills i thought what better to animate than this NAWARI song

Hijaabees Can Rap Too haha
ignore the crappy quality and sound.. hopefull with time ill get the hang of it and ill be sharing better animations :P

JEEEEJti I LOVE i feel i am looking forward to our future tasJJJJEeelat HAAAHAH


Haitham Jafar said...


راب حلال هاظ و اللا مكروه!

جد ضحكتيني/ا

Rasha said...

Habaitt :) good job umlulu ;)

Whisper said...

زكرتيني بال "دجيم" تاعتنا :)

لطيف جدا الراب الارتجالي الحلالي

بنستنى كل جديد يا قمر

Dino$ said...

whisper habbebti JJJALBI inti hahah

ukhti fatha7atni bas 3irfat i shared this with the world!

Rooosha thank u :)

Haitham... hatha rap islami :p haadef 3an al jam3eya wa 3an al coubonat :P

Haitham Jafar said...

يا دي الكوبونات


في مجال ما أشوف تعليقات من نانا ويسبر!
عندي حساسية من اللي من أيام الحرب العالمية ال2 و ما قبل!

Natalie said...

LOL! hilarious dinos!