Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10 Things Any New Mother or Mother to Be SHOULD KNOW


There are many things i wish someone told me as soon as i got pregnant. About motherhood and the things to expect as soon as you are pregnant and are about to become a mother. I will share some of the things i learnt. Some the hard way. So here we Go :

1 . Pregnancy Symptoms.. I believe when you pregnant ANYTHING can be related to your pregnancy! Im not talking about expected NAUSIA or dizziness. Those we know about. Im talking about sudden nose bleeds. Im talking about Skin Rashes. Just Don't FREAK OUT and know that once you are pregnant ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. I suggest you buy your husband a gas mask. ( for no reason at all).. * runs * hand shooing away trail

2. When you are Pregnant most of the pregnant woman i know experience .. FAJA3.. how can i translate that word.. you feel like your tummy is a bottomless pit.. and this pit my dears has nothing to do with Brad PItt.. you feel you can EAT AND EAT and you still seem to eat like you were STARVING... i still remember the look on my husbands face when i say " im hungry" and he says... " you just ate 5 mins ago" * dino glares at him * husband passes over plate of food

You could crave anything from bars of soap to food you never knew you could possibly EAT!
And in my case a TRUE CHOCOHOLIC i lost my LOVE FOR CHOCOLATE!


 * nods shamefully and sadly.. but that is no longer the case * munches on chocolata

3. You will feel the need to pee in the last moths 24/7 . you will feel someone is sitting on your bladder.. wait ... someone IS sitting on your BLADDER. but what i never knew is... this is kind of disgusting.. * ehem ehem * you could possibly reach a stage where when you SNEEZE or COUGH.. you might.. ermmm errmm.. okay u get it? JUST Always keep some extra clothes in your purse hahahaha

4. LABOR.. how do you know you are in labor? YOU WILL KNOW.. labor is no JOKE.. the pain of labor is not the kind of pain where you can stand there and wonder.. ohhh is this labor? YOU CAN BARELY STAND! Labor unlike in the movies last for longer than a short scene of a lady screaming in the hospital.  In first delivery  my labor lasted 16 hours.. My second it was 7 hours.. Again this varies from woman to woman.. and well good news is after the first baby they say بسلك الطريق .. meaning second baby labor is always easier.  Oh and btw EPIDURALS DONT ALWAYS WORK.. but i will take my chances everytime :P

5. As soon as you deliver.. you will look down and find.. A 6 month PREGNANT BELLY and wonder if there is still another baby left in there.. Dont freak out or be depressed although with all your crazy hormones you will very likely start crying hyterically. Know that it took 9 months to get this lovely baby bump and will take at least 6 months to go back to its natural state. To those moms who claim they lost all the weight in the first week post delivery.. *rolls eyes.. * offers them cupcakes and sweets.. oh have some you skinny people ..

Crazy Post delivery mom SIDE is UNLEASHED

* dino jump on and ATTACKS SKINNY LADY yelling : 

* body guards pull dina off skinny traumatized woman 

6. Your Baby is finally here.. OMG.. HOW am i GOING TO HOLD THIS TINY BABY!? Are you SURE you want to GIVE THIS BABY TO ME?! I drop my phone all the time.. this is DANGEROUS!.. that is what i thought.. Truth is.. it might seem IMPOSSIBLE at first but with time.. you get the hang of it just never get carried away and  do what this crazy lady did...

7. Babies WILL  CRY. that is what they do. Dont freak out if sometimes you try everything and they are still crying. The first 3 months most babies cry because they could possibly be a colic baby. And this goes away usually by the 3rd month. And if your baby cries instead of crying and freaking out know that its okay for babies to cry. Its their way of comminication. They cant talk yet so they cry. I feel your tolerance to hearing your baby cry goes up with the second baby because you know sometimes they just cry because they are bored or want to be carried and its not always for a nappy change or milk.
Sometimes its just cause they are sleepy. So just dont freak out and RELAX..

8. Diapers.. will leak one day.. no matter how well you close them .. accidents happen and for some reason i believe babies tend to do these accidents in the worst times. When they is no changing room or the changing room is really far. Or when you forget to get a change of clothes. So just expect to be pooped on. oh puked on and for a long time you will smell like SOUR MILK :P

9. Sleeping.. you will not be sleeping without waking up for night feeds for the first 2 years.. Unless if you are luck and blessed with a baby that sleeps for a straight 12 hours.. Bye bye sleep.

10. Breastfeeding.. i breastfed my first daughter lulu for a whole year and yes breast is best as they say and i support breastfeeding 100 percent. But if you CAN'T for any reason. Either you dont have enough milk or have to go back to work or you know what.. even if you choose not to breasfeed..

*old lady knitting in the background ignoring this whole talk suddenly looks up and GASPS

yes khalto.. it doesn't make you a BAD mother and FORMULA is not POISON.. and no mother would   make this choice to harm her baby. Yes breast milk is better but Formula is Okay and i tried the pros an cons of both. My second baby lina refused to be breastfed as in the hospital they gave her the bottle and once she was introduced to the bottle she would not breastfeed. It was either leaving all my daily errands and connected myself to a breast pump all day like a cow or giving formula..

i breastfed for as much as i could but i could not in the end and formula has its benifits. Its easier for you as mom when you have to give a baby a feed in public. you dont have to run to the nearest bathroom or corner. you just MAKE HER A BOTTLE. Its more convenient at times and is less stressful on the mother. Plue when you are not breastfeeding you can drink coffee and eat anything you want without worrying about it coming out in the milk.

Ne way.. what im saying is i was a formula fed baby and so were many others i know.. and i think we turned out fine.. or did we * twitches * rocks self in dark corner :P

I just hate those judgements that come along with not breast feeding.. its like OMG you CRUEL CRUEL MOTHER! HOW COULD YOU! HOWWW!!!!? 

GET OVER IT.. Still i believe breastfeeding is beneficial for both baby and the mother and helps mom loose weight. With each feeding,  a hormore called oxytocin is released which causes the smooth muscle cells in the uterus to contract, enabling the uterus to shrink to its pre-pregnancy size. Also i felt with breastfeeding there was a special skin to skin bond with your baby that no words can describe. Just if you cant.. dont let those people make you feel guilty you are still a great mom and can still bond with your baby.

10. You brain will be so full of baby thoughts and baby talks dont be surprised if you wake up holding a pillow and freaking out thinking you slept with your baby in your arms.You will one day attempt to give your husband a pacifier because you are so used to doing that and then realize OMG what am i doing. I swear i once really poked at my husbands behind in the mall to check if he needed a diaper change and then i was like OMG OMG?! WHAT AM I DOING! and we were in PUBLIC! 
The good side of the story here is that he was my husband and not some random dude at the mall

 * Dino is arrested for sexual harrassment in Dubai Mall

Basically your brain will be engulfed by baby talk, baby changing and all that baby stuff with the lack of sleep will make you do many CRAZY THINGS

You will HALLUCINATE at some point for sure

Thats is for now if you found any of these tips helpful let me know and i will write a list of 10 things a mother of a TODDLER should know :) 




h3rm1ny3w said...

الله يكون بعونكم....بس كل هذا اجر وثواب علي فكرة

you're scaring me from marriage even more LOL

Dino$ said...

liesh inta il scared! martak il 7atensere3 hahah

Whisper said...

LOOOL what an experience :$

I heard most of what u wrote from my sisters in law....allah y3enkom

Allah y36ekom el3afyeh w 6olet el bal ya rab :)

beddak beddak balloon...beddak balloon..mamaaaaaaaa beddak balloon...etc :P

h3rm1ny3w said...

la maheyye 7atesra3ni ma3aha..I've been in few serious relationship wensara3it LOL

Haitham Jafar said...

3 syp6oms out of 10 = could it be the 1st Asian/Chechen pregnant guy!

[I`m gonna regret this comment 4 sure!!]


*wainek ya marah ta3i shoofy hal 5arabee6 hay o boo7y b ra2yik*

marty: 7il 3anny enta wel l 3alam l shabaky taba3ak! offffffffft

*anas crying in the background + hiyam nagging persistently*


jad ta7sheesh.
جرعة من الواقعية 101


Dino$ said...

Whisper! it was lovely talking to u! hahahahah wallahi min il subu7 bedek mama teezi 3ala salon.. bedek mama il2ab ma3aki.. bedek baloon bedek thocolata! halakatni haha

abed.. ya wad ya serious.. nta leish relationship udkhol 3al jad 3al ma2zoon 3ala 6oool :P

Haitham ? u wont br the first preganant man for sure hahah check this out http://www.google.ae/imgres?imgurl=http://img2-1.timeinc.net/people/i/2008/news/080414/thomas_beatie.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20344136,00.html&h=320&w=240&sz=12&tbnid=eGtNIAhr0YvtqM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=68&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dpregnant%2Bman%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3Du&zoom=1&q=pregnant+man&usg=__Lq3iCTc30g8qEluU_5tfeSqdHhQ=&sa=X&ei=xc89UOqgGonMrQfpkIGIDg&ved=0CCsQ9QEwAQ&dur=757

ya33... Allah ykhaleelak wladak.. wa i think me and ur wife would hit it off.. khaleeha tudkhul 3alam al shabaky Bleeaz