Sunday, January 01, 2012

Habby New Year!!

First of all.. id like to say.. HABBY HABBY NEW YEAR :) I really hope this new year brings you happiness and is better than the year 2011 which was i must admit pretty dramatic. I haven't had the chance to blog as a lot has been going on lately! Due ANYDAY now and getting ready for the new BABY ! And getting used to our new family addition ( the maid) who arrived a few weeks ago... FINALLY ! After long hesitation and changing my mind plenty of times now that she is here i wonder WHY ON EARTH DID I HESITATE! Well ok the idea of having a total stranger live with you is scary but the idea of having someone HELP is GREAT! All i needed was a break... AND It has ARRIVED :) 

From my experience till now there is always a positive and negative side. But the positive hamdulilah makes me overlook the negative. One thing i did not know.. no matter how tiny or petite she seems to be they can eat more than ME,Huzbande and law law ALL TOGETHER! Omg the amount of food she intakes is somewhat SCARY! but as long as she is good with lulu i guess i can overlook that.. but not when she EATS MY CHOCOLATA * Dino TURNS INTO THE HULK! 

My maid used to work in saudi arabia and kuwait so the Arabic she speaks is actually Indonesi accent Kuwaiti or Saudi. Lulu has started saying things like :

Tabi Nowm, when she wants to sleep
Hada 7agg Baba pointing at her dads shoes , trying to say that they are for her baba
Fukeee Baab, Fukee Shoes.. apparently Fukkeee is open in Saudi or Kuwaiti.. 
so my reaction that my daughter calls her "I PAD " " I POOOD" now :S 

what the fukeeeeee :S hehe

So... there is always that constant worried feeling or stress i admit.. but at least i feel better in general rather than being exhausted and too tired to even have quality time with my lulu.. and now with bobo number two almost here i NEED all the help i can GET!

Speaking of Baby 2.... who remains UNAMED * dino glares at  Mr Moody her huzbany who apparently is very moody . Up until the 8th month her name was ALIA .. a lovely name... sung by fairooz .. then he realized he didnt like it and would rather name our daughter....

*drums roll



he was serious.. and well hamdulilah after my facebook poll won and ofcourse my rafd il taaaam we have agreed to overlook this name.. but unfortunately no more ALIA... 

and i realized i cannot name my daughter a name, if i met someone in my life that was annoying and had that name. Just ONE annoyng person is enough for me to OVERLOOK a nice name! i guess i am annoyed by many people haha :S

Soo... now.. we are still not sure... 
i will try to keep you posted on my delivery :) 
For some reason, looking back at my life and the stories i experience.. im sure i will have some interesting story to share!! 

id3ooooooli :) happy 2012