Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Grass is always greener on social media

Well.. im in a mood to dardish and atfalsaf a little so i thought to myself why dont i blog a little.

Don't you feel that no matter what situation we are in we are always wondering about WHAT IFS? And we often start to think about our life choices and wonder if we would be happier if we didn't make or made certain choices. We start comparing ourselves to idealistic standards and our perception of reality is distorted.

But then again we post happy moments on social media. When was the last time you are in a middle of a fight or your kids are throwing a tantrum and you think to yourself why dont i record it and post it on my newsfeed?

You take scroll down FB social media and even though you know 80 % or more is a fake show people put on to impress others you know and believe that there might be that 1% that is sincerely happy.

I will never forget the day this girl called her husband pissed infront of me and she was so angry with him because she posted a lovey dovey post on FB confessing her love to him and saying how he is the light of her life * backstreet boyz dance and music* and he didnt reply with a comment yet!

she was like ' hala2 hala2 betefta7 il FACEEE wa bot7otili comment okkkk * in a threatening ana bafarjeeek voice...

ermm awkard silence fills the room.... Tayeb keefek keef il awlad.... * girls face red with anger still 

If i didnt witness that moment and i just read her lovey dovey baby hubby inta hobbi post i would have thought Awwwww they are so in love ... tele3 film.. and many are like that...

Single Ladies wonder if they would be happier married and married ladies think of how their life has turned into a 24 hour job of just tending to everyone's needs that they forget their own and miss being single and carefree.

Decisions and life choices we make and no matter how different our lives our i feel we all share that one need to always try to get what we think we lack. We always look at what others have and think they are happier. We tend to overlook the many blessings that we live in and forget that many other wish to be in our shoes.

Life is hard and i believe no one is happy 100 % and i think most social media posts are depressing us because they draw this unrealistic expectation for us.

Watching vidoes of husbands tearing up when they first lay thier eyes on their bride and so many videos that are so romantic you want to just ball your eyes out . * dina bitnefff

All im saying is that i have learnt not to believe everything i see on social media and that the same girl who posts tons of pics of her lovey dovey relationship can actually be on a verge of a divorce. ( true story i saw )

We need to start by saying AL HAMDULALLAH for everything. Be CONTENT.. Say Hamdulilah Hamdulilah and the grass might look greener on the other side but if you keep looking at that grass you will not notice the many flowers that have grown in your garden :D ( eish hal deepness hadi)


Haitham Al-Sheeshany said...

nice dardasheh :)
القناعة كنز بس الخريطة صعبة حد يفهمها

*doori atfalsaf*

no1 is happy with what they have/got/own because we have so much (info) to digest and we lose grip of the things we take for granted and view them as not-worthy

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