Monday, February 23, 2009

dino in egypt

Well so sorry for not blogging for so long i have been so busy with the new apartment and the baby room and the pregnancy that i havent had much time to blog. Well now i am blogging for the first time from EGYPT! :) Here for a few days with my hubby who is here for business.

The doctor said its okay to travel till the 34th week.! wouldnt want to get into labor in the flight! So here i am!! EGypt is something else... or should i say.. IT IZ SOMESINGE ELES! BEoble here all share the same english egyptian accent. I LOVE IT :) its so entertaining just hearing people talk.
even when they talk egyptian they are naturally funny without even trying.

WE haven't gone to the pyramids but i have seen them before and really dont think running around in the sun would be a good idea :S

Has anyone seen how people drive in egypt?!?!? There is no lane.. All cars drive wherever they want to in any direction. its SO SCARY! the cars here look like came out of a abd al haleem old movie! but in general its a nice experience.

don't go out much in the hotel all day while husbandi at work. but i must say i am enjoying watching tv. showtime and orbit and egypSHAN ShAnnelZ :P

any ideas of where to go if in egypt?? Share with me BLEAZ before march 1rst

masr um il dunya. and i had to come here before being an UM myself.


3anooda said...

i love cairo - its so happening and has this old movie feeling to it

something about hotel lobbies - every night u will see a few brides. LOOL but im not sure if its wedding season these days

NILE CITY - just a bumch of floating restaurants including trader vics and chillies i think - nice if the weather outdoors is decent

there is a mall that is 7 floors and has a fun fair on the top floor. with rollercoasters and stuff. not huge ones but still rollercoasters on the 7th floor. LOOL i think its called Arcadia

Check out the Movenpick in Sheikh Zayed / 6th October area. its a great hotel for brunch and relaxation

Semaramis i think has a casino

oh yeah u have to go watch a masra7iya or a live show or something. or the latest egyptian movie

Ramsis Hilton has a mul7aq shopping mall that sells fake designer everything. LOOOOL. in the alley there is a guy that sells Kushary - yuuuummmmmm

hope i was helpful

Mona said...

I advice you to go Najib Mahfuz coffee shop in Khan el khalili. It is a nice place to have dinner there.
Have fun and enjoy your trip!

Nur said...

First time i post here
i must say your blog its lovely
specially the draws
have good time in egypt
and may Allah bless your family

Summer said...

1-make sure you eat fish at the "fish market" its at al giza area, close to the zoo and just upstairs of "Fridays".
2-if your husband can get out of work during the day,early afternoon, make sure you two go on a Feloka (sail boat) ride, sunset is great thing to see while riding the boat, the ones we always use are the place across from the "Four Seasons" in Garden City area, it should not cost you more than 40 or 50 Egyptian Pounds for 45 min ride, but tip the guy too. it is a wonderful and relaxing trip in the nile, take your camera, the views are wonderful.
3-visit the Cairo tower, lots to see from up there, again, take your camera with you.
4- Shopping: go to "City Stars" mall in Madinet Nasr,its one of the cleanest and newest malls in Cairo also it has a NEW khan al khalili streets, clean and nice, with lots of coffee shop and places to eat too.
4-If you can go to al hussain and khan al khalili,after the bombing yesterday, it is worth it...make sure you visit al fishawi coffee shop, nice and very authentic, this is where you see Egypt without make up! drink only hot drinks or closed cans or water bottles there...i recommend having the humms drink, it is called 7ala bissa, kinda funny name but i like is like balila, boiled chickpeas with hot hummus broth and tasty spices.
Najeeb Mahfouz coffee shop at a hussain is nice and you can listen to music there, but it is run by the Sheraton and i feel that it is not as authentic as al fishawi is.
5- if you can go on a boat ride for dinner with a show, like singing and belly dancer, go on the Hyatt boat,its new and good food or the Maxim run by Sheraton, they have a nice show...the food is good too. make sure you make reservations ahead of time through the concierge at your hotel. you have to be prompt on time too, so you would not miss the boat.
check out the following videos i took of Cairo...entertaining i thikn:

anyway, the movenpick at sheikh zayed is a very nice place to look at but the service is so bad!!! I do not recommend that you go there!
have lunch or dinner at the four seasons, or at القريه النوبيه at the Hyatt hotel by the Nile.
good luck and ENJOY!

Anonymous said...

ta7ya masr!!
ok firstly, must say i *totally* disagree with this mona person cuz in the mahfouz coffee shop thing, they gots sheesha and that aint good for you or the human growing in you..
however, you could visit nile city which is like this parked thing on the nile with coffee shobz and restawrants.. i am in no way an advertising for thees shob! welnabi la2a! ana mosh keda! you also have to try some stuff from mo2men the restawrant eli 3ando sandawetchat to77777fa which u cannot find anywhere else.. w bss kda.. enjoy za egeptian feelings and za atmosfear :)
*in no way trying to offend fellow egeptians.. all in loving sbirit*

The Wizard of D said...

Only one word of advice... stay out of the way of the black colored Peugeot 507 1950's taxis. And if you get into one of them, hold on to the door lest it falls off.

Ok some more.

Its OK to honk every 5 seconds. So don't get too crazy.

Make a trip to one of the many water front restaurants along the Nile. Specially around Zamalek. Some nice ones just opp the Marriot.

Dr.Invisible said...

Welcome to Egypt!!

U gotta get out of the hotel and enjoy the nile, the pyramids, shopping at city stars ;))

Isha said...

Hi, i think your blog is fantastic and funny!!! Cairo seems great...
I also think your cartoons are fab, can they be used by the public i.e. use them to put on as an MSN Icon or facebook icon? Just thought i ask...Please can you also advice what type of software do you use for making your cartoons, i would love to make my own one day...

Hope to hear from you...

All the best and have loads of fun on your trip!

The Wizard of D said...

zo zid you take ze adviz I gave you?

Dino$ said...

3anooda :) yes! it does have an old movie feeling to it! like abd il haleem days!

im not a big fan of masra7iyat unless if its the oldies like madraset il mushaghibeen :)

i only have one day to check out all egypt because its my husbands only weekend. so i am trying to gather as much info from all ur posts to do a schedule !

but pretty much im always in city stars mall cause its next to the hotel im in!

Dino$ said...

mona :) i am avoiding khan il khalili area after the bombing that happened the other day.. have 4 more days here and i hoping to go back in one piece. :S

nur.. thank you so much :) *hands flower to nur

Dino$ said...

summer.. wow thank u so much for taking the time to write all that!

well i am planning on goign to the feloka.. just not sure where exactly and who to call for reservations.

we went on a boat ride in al 2anater and he made us pay 400 gneeh! i think ino 7arami shwaya :S

i hate how they ystaghelo that we are not from masr and ask for unbelievable prices!

but thanks sweetie i am looking at the links

Dino$ said...

Anoymous... merci giddan khales maaales

begad shukran! :)

i am trying to avoid sheesha balash titla3 il bet m7ashesha wala m3alema!

mo2men restaurant? is it easy to find?

zat is very lavly SANks u very matish :P

u know i love the egypshan engelesh! ITS so COOL!

thanks again

Dino$ said...

Wizard... i will take your advice! lol

u know u r right about the honking.. and the cabs.. i felt like a giant in them.. whats up with the weird lights and mirrors all over the cabs? also littel freaky dolls... i found that disturbing lol

oh and i could hear somethings click with every speed bump... i hope it wasnt the doors :S

thanks for the "advayez"

Dino$ said...

YA Dr... i am living in city stars.. saw the pyramids fil zmaanant.. but will inshala do some shopping soon :)

merci awi awi awi

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