Thursday, May 07, 2009


i have to remind myself everyday
that im the motha of this baby
She only wakes up at night to play
will mommy ever sleep? maybe!

Never in my life did i hold this much poop
My life has turned into a big Loop
i am feeding,changing, burping lulu 24 hours a day
i miss sleeping ofcourse ! lulu please sleepat night if u may

i was not informed that it would be this hard
i feel like lulu's body guard
i am her all you can eat open buffet
i feel like a cow in every way

but i must say all this work & lack of sleep
is nothing compared to this love so deep
i love you lulu no matter what you do
even when u vomit on mommy & cover her with poo

i introduce my lulu cartoon in this post :) she is cuter but its close


Maioush said...

abayeeee!!! now i'm scared! I told Samer that i want to sleep through the pregnancy so i will "ashba3 noom" before the baby comes!
fekrek benfa3??

jessyz said...

hahaha hello baby Lulu. My daughter is nicknamed Lulu and is one and 3 months(almost(. Welcome to motherhood. Yes sleep eventually comes back, but as my mother told me when my Lulu was a couple of days old, "Allah gives a mother strength somehow". Which is so true.
Maioush, you can't exactly store the extra sleep but it does help.
Nothing in the world is as beautiful as a sleeping baby :-)

XTR said...

nice one..,

congrats once more

rare said...

Finally, Lulu's cartoon :) she's funny ... :)

Summer said...

its never easy!!
know for sure this will never last for a long time....babies learn how to put themselves to sleep by the third , have a brave heart and let her cry herself to sleep when she is 12 weeks old.
:) good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm really upset...where's bagoora??? you can't just forget her and not include her anymore!! I'm gonna adopt her 5alas :(

sea life said...

Congratulation!!! Since long time I didn't read your blog,I'm so happy for all three of you:)
All the very Best for the princess!

Rabia said...

hahaha... happy first mothers day. =p

someguyfromplanet said...

someday lulu will open this blog and she'll know how lucky she is. She would love you the best.

and please pinch lulu for me.

KelebekGibi said...

Hi, I am from Turkey but live in Vienna :)
Your Blog ist total cool ;)
I dont speak Englisch :S
Your Cartons is very beautiful.

Fatima said...

Awwww! Lulu is keeping you so busy! No updates! Hope everything is going great :)

Anonymous said...

Tab fhemna Motherhood, where are the new posts :P.


amy said...

hi dino,i just wanna say mabrook for ur baby girl,i used to check ur blogs since before u get married,but then i been busy to read blogs and i forgot ur blog name.i had to google to search ur blog.i love to read all those humourous cartoon,i adore ur creativity.have a nice day

Anonymous said...

wow dina! i was searching for you on google for the longest time! havent seen you since uni days! old times...

found your online profile and found this link. i didn't know you were so talented! i didn't know a lot of things! you got married! and have a baby! Mabrook!

i have to say you husband is a lucky guy.i wish i found u sooner.

just wanted to hear your news.
are you still as gorgeous as you were in uni? ;)

im still single. do you have any twins i am unaware of?

sorry for the long message.

Dino$ said...

mauioush mabroook ur pregnant! well the last month it will be hard to sleep but even then u get some sleep! with a baby its max 2 hours of sleep wara ba3d. ishba3eee yamma nowm

ur right it gets easier with time. and nothing is more beautiful than your sleeping baby in your arms! :)
aww love our lulu's

xtr thanks

rare :) thanks :) like her mommmy

summer i cant do that. i really cant. its harder than i thought.

anonymous bagoora has big news. willl post soon with her cartoon.
all i can say is that.. she has been busy herself with mr bagoor :P

thanks sea life :)

rabia thank u sweetie

someguyfromplant i would pinch lulu but she is sleeping. but thank you for what you said. very nice of u

kelebek thank u :) turkey is beautiful cant wait to go there someday!

fatooom no time to even shower * dino stinks lol just kiddidng ... but seriously no time i will post soon inshala

layal usbusreee 3alay shway bas
lulu mush mkhalyaani 2a3mal ay ishi

amy i remember ur posts. thank you for your comments u are always welcome here


so u were in my uni? do i know you?
whats ur name?

& sorry no twins. :P

Anonymous said...


its better for me not to say who i am.
just wish you the best. you deserve it.

candle of hope said...


an open buffet huh?? lol
nice one

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