Monday, August 03, 2009

modern hijab

i can't help but notice that nowadays hijab has turned into a fashion statement and it is no longer stopping some girls from certain actions. for ex. i was walking in the parking and i see a girl bending over to get something from her car. i could not see her face yet. i could only see her thong and u know... i got used to this manzar but to my shock when she stood up and her head was out of the car.... she was wearing HIJJAB? r u kidding me? cover your head and expose ur (_/_) . not only that i have noticed that there are lots of girls that wear hijab yet have boyfriends, and don't even pray. so what is the point of it? just covering a bad hair day? i dunno but i feel slowly the world is coming to an end and the older i get the bigger the shocks i see around me.

Allah yihdeena


Maisastic said...

dandoun, im sure the content of the video is hilarious, but the sound quality is very pooooooor. the noise in the background is very loud and i can barely understand what ur saying. plz do something about it :(

Dino$ said...

min 3inaya :) i will do my best to fix it now. inshala next video sound quality will be better :)

ma3lish ya okhtee sam7eena im still learning this whole flash thing :)

Ali MetalHead said...

Tottaly agree with you, Either a girl wears hijab and be tottaly convinced of it or not wear it at all.

C said...

Awww nice message!

Nur said...

Hahaha :D
I didnt understand anything.... but i love your blog.. and your designs are so cool...
I'm completely agree with you, even I dont use hijab, but I dress modestly for respect... i dont understand sisters who wear like wh*r*s and using hijab.
But thats life!
Allah knows whats going on with them.

Hamza said...

iiiiiiiiiiiinteresting. that's a sight I haven't seen yet

Anonymous said...

who gives!!

Let her wear the Hijab, or not wear it, it's her choice, if she wants to wear it with a jilbab, or a thong.. again her choice.
And what IS the definition of a proper hijab? no make up, thick eyebrows? there is a whole spectrum of muhajjabat.. so stop picking on the one with the thong..
I'm sick of this whole "the hijab has it's own respect"
why do i need to respect a piece of clothing!!.. the woman deserves respect, not her Hijab.

candle of hope said...

unfortunately ppl think that hijab means covering ur hair only..
some wear hijab with their neck the same time wear extremely tight clothes.. or an abaya that is completely open from infront..
اللهم لا شماته
btw nice video except i had trouble understanding the words cos the quality was somehow not good.

Princess N said...

Although I do not wear hijab, I try my best to act as a proper Muslim.. I dont drink, I pray, I fast, and try my best to present Islam in a good picture.. I dont like to "afti" but i think that the most important thing in Islam is the manners.. you should fix yourself from the inside before the outside.. I try my best not to lie, not the gossip and treate people well in the name of Islam and inshalla someday I want to wear the hijab to complete my mission.. I personally think that the Hijab is the last step and not the first.. the Hijab represents Islam and I hate it when its being misused.. Maybe this girl is much better than me but I think that if you want to take any step you should study it and complete it as it should, especially when it comes to something that important..

ohDear!! said...

Probably those thong girls have to wear hijab because of their family/society.. not for religion!


ohDear!! said...

BTW,, the flash girl is so sexy LOL!!

peripateticwayfarer said...

Nice post sis, but we brothers are not totally faultless either. Hijab is both active and passive, but only the head and body form cover of our sisters get highlighted by both US and the Media.
Very rarely do we speak about the hijab which the menfolk abandon by not lowering their gaze and avoiding the second look.
May Allah guide us all! Keep up the good work!

♥ far3hah said...

hi sis.

my arab friends told me that hijab in Malaysia is either for 2 reasons:
1)cultural; or

i feel bad but in a way i'm agree with her. even me myself struggling in this society for a proper hijab.

Jennifer said...

salaam sis, i'm so happy to have come across your blog. i was so tired of seeing that alhamdulillah i moved. how sad it is, really. i mean, here i see the loss of islam slowly, not as rapidly as in the states, same idea though. =( said...

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