Wednesday, August 04, 2010

why i love amreeka

so i am back in the states and will be here for ramadan inshala.. fasting will be hard cause the days are so long here but al hamdulilah. Ramadan is about being with family and that is why im glad we are together here.

Now let me start about my love for amreeka... lots ask me.. what do you love so much about america? well its not just america. its not that love america because its america. i got this same feeling in london & scotland. This feeling of being free of society "3u2ad". before you become judegemental and analyze that sentence in your own way let me explain further. in the arab world i feel lots of things are frowned upon and they are not necessarily wrong. i am not talking about people being too free and openminded and walking around exposing thier blubber or another form of cheeks that is supposed to be be under the bantaloon! i am talking about being setting yourself free from " he said/she said/what will they say?" thinking. here in the states pretty much everyone does what they wants and no one really cares! you will find weird people walking around in thier PJ's, or barefoot, or with punk hairstyles and what i respect most about what ihave seen in this side of the world! is that people who are handicapped are SEEN everwhere and live a NORMAL life.. i dont remember the last time i saw a handicapped person working in the middleeast! i feel there if someone has a deformity or is handicapped even if its a slight handicap they hide. like its something to be ashamed of. you dont see them shopping, working or in the street! its sad.. this is how is should be.

here they find jobs. they live a normal life a life they can never have in the arab world because there they will always be seen as handicapped.

i love how people are so friendly. they open doors and always say things like " have a good day" " have a good one" and when they pass out compliments to strangers. i got many compliments on my HIJAB believe it or not! its just here you feel like you are a human being.

dont get me wrong i do see the bad side as well. but that doesnt mean i cant see the good. i love this feeling of being in a place where not everything is frowned upon and unaccepted. we grew up feeling that appearances are everything. i was told i was "dabdooba" (fatso), four(eyed) as a kid by some ppl although iwas never really fat i was just a bit chubby. so we grow up with so many comments like that in our heads making our self esteem get lower by the second. you will say this is also found inthe US.. yes ofcourse. but i feel there is an awareness here especially by parents and they treat thier kids in a way that they make them grow up to be very confident and independant.

i saw a very unattractive saggy and wrinkly lady in the street who was wearing a very revealing top. she was talking to a man saying " they are all jealous of me".... ok .. this woman is either in denial.. or just VERY CONFIDENT.. some people you wonder where they bring all that confidence!

anyway.. my point is.. from my expereince in amreeka. i feel more like a human being here. i feel like i am not worried what people will think of me. like if lulu ran in the park and i wanted to run after her. i would not look around to see if there is a group of old anties whispering things like " shoofi hal majnooneh hay".. yes i like to do crazy things sometimes and i dont like to be judged.

oh and ofcourse... not to forget... the best cupcakes ever created on earth.... georgetown cupcakes... *faints

and target... the place where you can find anything u need..

and ofcourse....... ben & jerry icecream..

i <3 amreeka.


Anonymous said...

u r flawed my lady ! i think you are being judgemental about things you know very little about your own country and the middle east.

I believe you should educate yourself before firing judgements and writing stuff that are far from the truth.

KJ said...

Oh the cupcakes and donuts!

I understand how you're feeling. Dubai is to a certain extent like that though it has its own 3u2ad. It's good to walk out and know you won't be given looks and that, if you did receive any, you won't return back home to find out your entire family waiting for explanations

kinzi said...

Thanks for loving what I love about my home country! I am having a hard time leaving it for the same reasons.

Dino$ said...

hey anonymous.. i respect that you disagree and you are entitled to your own opinion. and well i habe lived all my life in the middle east i believe i know it very well. you have to admit admit that there is truth to what i said. a lot have agreed with me. tell me the last time you went into a store in the middle east and people were all nice to you. ( not those who work there) im talking about strangers who are just naturally nice. unlike in the arab world its rare that you find someone nice to you unless if they want something from you. i know that i have never come across a handicapped person working. i know that people there tend to just like to talk about each other and make a big deal out of everything and cant leave each other alone.

i have been in the westerns side of the world for about a year now and i speak from my personal experience. i have read that somee ppl have faced difficulty as muslims and well i personally havent.

why dont you enlighten me with the truth that you know?

Dino$ said...

KJ hunna! *rubs eyes*

yes the cupcakes * drools*

you leave the house and you say hi to someone and next thing you know you come back home and the whole world knows and they make up rumors!

too much ger ger


Dino$ said...

thank you kinzi... so you dont think i am far from the truth and that i am firing untrue judgments like anonymous said

and u r an american that has seen both worlds

kinzi said...

Dandooneh-dino, I completely agree with your assessment, and feel it is anon that must know very little about the West.

With time, I have learned that even Arab hospitality and generosity is linked to what benefits the giver gains from the guest.

East or West, we are all Bani Adam with selfishness at the core of our being. Allah has granted different cultures different strengths.

Yes, the Armenian roots have shown us much of the best and the worst of the attitudes you described. I often wonder where all the outrage is for the Armenian genocide, but understand that offending and killing Christians is not such a bad thing in some Eastern eyes.

That said, I love Jordan, Arabia, and love being a part of the lives of young people like you who can grab the best of both cultures. Bless you!!!

Arab Lady said...

wut cho amerikaaaaaaaaaaaa
kifik long time :)
...more than one year
missed ur blog big timeeeeeeeeeeee
enjoy the freedom in amerikaa
i have read all the posts i missed out on & u still have the same sense of humor before marriage ;)
best of luck
God bless

Retrotrut said...

Don't forget to try Chipotle the Mexican Burrito Restaurant and since you're in George town, go check out the Dean & Deluca Sandwich Shop and also don't forget to visit Tysons Corner 1 and 2 :)

Advice SMS said...

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Karmella said...

Im from the north of mexico,but I have been in different middle east countries (syria, lebanon, bahrein, UAE), and I can say I really understand your point, I´m in love with arab culture, its completley different of what I´m used to, I remember been told to cover up, when I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt, I remember to been told to be quiet when I was just talking normally (mexican people are realy loud)... but in the other side, I love arab food, I love how girls look with their nice blouses and matching hijabs, and I looove arab men (jejeje) I think they are the cutest man in all the world. As you say, everything has good and bad.

other thing... I LOVE target too