Tuesday, June 07, 2011


So Let me start by saying... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! i did not know potty training would be this emotoinally draining! Some may have noticed i have not been very active on my blog or even facebook or twitter. WHY? i have been POTTY TRAINING! and well after so long all i can say is it is NOT working! I already get comments when people look at lulu ,who actually looks bigger than her age, they would say something like " yeeeeee lisaa pampers??""lisa ma nadafteeha?" which basically means " OMG your daughter still wears diapers you are such a lazy mom! 

Well i took tips from mothers and believe it or not 2 mothers who SHOCKED ME recommend using a MATCH. how? they would light the match and then BURN THIER KIDS (_/_) if they pooped or peed on the floor!! I CANT BELIEVE ANY MOM WOULD DO THAT and actually RECOMMENDS IT!?? its child abuse! they SWEAR it works! but i am sure it also causes major psychological DAMAGE for the poor kid!

Then there are those mothers who show off and start saying " OH your daughter is not potty trained i potty trained my daughter at 12 months or 18 months". And for some reason it makes me feel like i am doing something wrong and that they are better mothers. But the truth is, every kid is different. Some walk before others, some talk before others, some teeth at 3 months other teeth at 10 months. 
All is within the Norm. So its not like in the future if i apply for a job i will " Potty trained my child at 12 months" as point that makes me more qualified. It reminds of the whole breast feeding lectures i heard if i ever gave lulu formula. YES i know breastfeeding is the BEST for your baby. And Breast is Best ofcourse ! and i did for one year but every once in a while i would give lulu formula and i dont think its " POISON" as some would say. I was hardly breastfeed and so many of working parents were not able to breastfeed for long & some actually dont get enough milk.  wa hayn zay il GROOOD ya  ma7lana SO please do not judge any mother for not being able to breast feed her child. i am not arguing here if its better or promoting formula i am just saying LAY OFF the poor new MOMS! i think i never mentioned "breast " this much in one paragraph! Speaking of BREAST! omg omg omg

I came across this LADY in the middle of the FOODCOURT BREASTFEEDING *twitches* and not in a way where she is hiding or trying to hide her (.) she was like just sitting there and i dont think her baby was even feeding. she was just considering her (.)(.) meals on heels! she was just like sitting there exposing herself to the world. Maybe she thought the food court was the best place since was feeding :S

Anyway back to main subject.


So what i feel is that lulu is not ready.. i tried removing her pampers and ended up cleaning poopies and pp from everwhere. MORE MORE cleaning. More Laundry. More STRESS! AS if i needed that! i think i will wait a few more months till she is more aware. Some start at 3 years and potty train thier kids in 3 days only cause they are old enough to GET IT! 

I QUIT! And if anyone has anything to say like " i did it in 3 days" please take lulu for 3 days and i will PAY YOUU!!!

I NEED THE SUPERNANNY! is there an arab supernanny anywhere?

ok what a smelly post this is :P i wil try to blog more often :) 


7aki Fadi said...


Well it took me a looooooong time to potty train my 2nd.

I started trying when she turned 2, tried five different times over 6 months and she was not ready! No matter what i did she was not ready. then fast forward to last month , she was about 32 months old, I said that is IT I am taking the diaper off. I did take it off and for 2 weeks she would either pee her pants, or she would hold her pee from 8 am till noon and then she would pee during her nap in her training diaper. She is really stubborn!

I was up to my eyeballs in pee puddles. LOL.

Then like a miracle she just one day GOT IT. OMG I was so excited. Never been so more excited at the thought of pee.

Hang in there, when she's ready she'll get it :). And tell people to shut up about how awesome they are.

Rain said...

LOL I'm sorry but this so funny!LOL

Just wanted to say good luck,no tips to be given here,but I guess sooner or later she'll lose the diaper so why worry?

As for moms who burn their children I think most of them just use the match to scare the baby,but either way it's child abuse and it's horrible..

Again good luck :)

kinzi said...

Oh Habeebti, this is why mothers of toddlers and those in menopause don't blog/facebook/tweet much, it's all about pee and hot flashes and you have to be in the same moment to appreciate it!

But like 7aki, I love this! Chill honey, they say they have 'trained' their kid, but they have really just trained their maid to clean it up before mom sees the mess.

**meals on heels** love that!!

The match thing is real, everyone I knew in Hashmi held cigarettes to baby bottoms to make kids fear making messes. I am sure part of the problem with Jordanian retentiveness is a result of that that very technique.

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

I`m not sorry ! I`m noooooooot!




welcome back , heheeeee

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

this is 4 subscribing to the comments feed , as I was busy being mean on the 1st one


kinzi said...

HAITHAM!!!! You are so funny, as well as so kind, and so VERY articulate! Ghhkjj? What sound is that? Like 'yuck'? :D!!!

Tamara said...


you are so talented. I'm in the middle of potty training for my daoughter :( I'm up to my eyeballs in pee and poop and I still find it funny :)

Dino$ said...

7aki fadi.... i am waiting for my miracle!! i know i remember one day lulu told me pp and i took her and she peed in the bathroom and i thought sh GOT IT ! i was soooooooooo happy as if i won a prize! i really am tired of cleaning pp and poop :(----

Dino$ said...

Rain that is whati say.. u see all sorts of ppl in school some brighter than others.. some really stupid.. but i remember EVERYONE knew how to go the bathroom. no matter how smart or unbright they were. so i know she will GET IT. eventually.. im thinkin i will wait till she feels like its weird she has diapers on compared to other kids and she will GET IT :P
lulu is smart but i just dont know why she doesnt GET IT! or she thinks im playing with her. like its a game called " KAKA" she would say " KAKA" and see my jump up and run after her. and it works everytime.... and then it would be a false alarm.. she just likes the CHASE * dino smacks head

Anonymous said...

عشان ما تتعبي أولها
بس أولها
خليها لابسه الدايبرس وكل شوي إسئليها إنه ماما في نونو وإلا مافي
وبس تحكي إنه في عطول وديها ورجعي الدايبرز عليها

بس تتأكدي إنها فهمتك إستغني عن الدايبرز
مصيبه ال بي بي ع الأرض
نجاسه و وساخه منقدرش نتحملها

Dino$ said...

hey kanooz!! you are so right! you are always right! i dont know how you managed all ur kids mashala. ur my role model! And you still had time to BLOG!

yeah lots of ppl say they trained thier kids but ive seen them wet thier pants in public.. which means even they still dont get it. its ok .. it doesnt make us bad mothers. i mean when i think of it.. they are playing and have diapers on.. should they get up stop the playing go to the bathroom or just let go? ofcourse they would just let go right there :P and i totally agree with the cigeratte match technique! i think if we check the butts (_/_) of those involved in "honour killing" you will find traces of match burns hahaha :P

Dino$ said...

haitham.... ur laughing cause your poor wife is the one DEALING with this! that is pure evil... * dino throws soiled diaper at haitham.. how do u like that? hahah

welcom to potty traning life... its very shitty.. literally

Dino$ said...

Tamara... my heart is with you.. and all mothers who are pott traning i just wish one day she will just GET IT .. everyday she yells " Pampers LAL BABY" so she says it constantly.. but i think she still thinks she is a baby :S arghhhh

Dino$ said...

anonymous.... that is what i did. i am back to pullups now will not remove till i am sure she GETS IT and also you are right always cleaning detol and chlorox is driving me crazy

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

b sara7a it was like 60:40 thingy!

ok ok ,, 70:30!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if i want any kids in the future ,after seeing this post


hudaNasaR said...

Hi I just stumbled across ur blog today and i LOVE it!! :) Potty training is a dragg!! My 2.5 yrs son is partly trained but just totally wet his bed after his afternoon nap.. aarrrgghhh!! so yes, only partly trained! hhmmpphh!!!