Sunday, October 20, 2013


Hello dear readers.. as i promised and as i do every year i will share some pics from our eid event of the year hopefully it will inspire people from all around the world to do something different in the coming EID. to make it special :) We always throw birthday parties for our kids.. why dont we make EID parties also a MUST.. something our kids look forward to and remember all year long :)

Hope you enjoyed the pics.. im still waiting on more pics from the party.. but i think these will do :)
There was lots of fun and lots of love. and the joy of being able to take part in such a lovely event that brought so many people and family together was overwhelming.

I was inspired to do something with my ideas and i'm happy to tell you that i have teamed up with my friend who is great in making cupcakes ( as you see from the pics) and i will assist ofcourse and with my custom designs and party themes you can now order your themed cupcake toppers along with your yummy cupcakes. i also helped in making the sheeps and have a lot of recipes of my own  :)

Please check out more pics on our page on FB..  like it if you like it :) its called it Little Munch 

Wish you all had wonderful eid and eid break.. will be sharing more ideas and thoughts and blogs soon..

 kol 3am wa into bkhier... &wish us luck



Haitham Jafar said...

happy 3eeeeeeeeeeeeeed


it`s nice to actually (see) it is still a happy time!

Anonymous said...


Seems your cartoons became famous :-)

Anonymous said...


Seems your cartoons are becoming famous :-)

Haitham Jafar said...

E-stealing!? ;D