Saturday, April 22, 2006

The FUTurE

So.. today i was sitting with my friends and we started asking each other all sort of questions like " do u see me married?" .. i dont see myself married... at least not any time soon cause to me marraige means love and commitement and knowing the person really well... feelign he completes me.. that i cnt live without him... ofcoure he has to be tall and understanding and FUNNY!! slowly i get the feeling he doesnt exist... so anyhow... i dont see myself married but i expected that ppl do.. i was surprised that most my friends say they dont see me married!! :(-- they say no one is good enough or that no one can keep up with my craziness!!

Then someone mentioned how me being hyper and over cheerful all the time is just a reflection of my inner emptiness and sadness!! is that true!! That to be truely happy i need to be in love and loved... i thought it wasnt true but maybe a part of me is sad because it feels the need to settle down and be with someone who fills the emptiness in my life...

I do feel happy.. yet i know that maybe there is a certain happiness i havent felt yet.. the happiness of finding that one person who will make me whole.. *sigh..... where art thou my laffffffff ...

ne way 2moro is work,, really am not in the mood.. weekends go by soo fast and i didnt even do anything... arghhhhh so annoyed.... !! Suddenly im not all cheerful... *sigh


mudassar said...

hey dino u will find ur guy someday..

m.s said...

need to belongs!
don't force urself to accept someone that u're not convinced with just to fill the space.

it's life!

wedad said...

hey dont think like that and dont other people opinions affect on you.
u need to be cheerful even if u r alone coz i beleive that the right person for you is the one who will fell in love with ur smile and ur funny hyper life... if he saw u depressed or smthing... i dont think he will even look!!
so dont worry right time right one :)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hey mud i sure do hope he finds me cause im not looking hehe

ye ms we all have the need to belong to someone and i wont settle for just anyone... when i meet the one ill know..

hey wedad... new edition to my blog
ur right .. i cant and wont change whoever wants to be with me should love the whole package.. craziness and hyperness included :)

Anonymous said...


ive always known u as the cheerful gurl, full of life!!

we all luv u that way...
inshallah soon u'll find ur Mr.Purrfect! its gonna happen inshallah when u least expect just forget about it, and enjoy each day to the max!!