Sunday, April 30, 2006

Segreg@tion Mode

Have u ever felt the need to be alone? A need to just to have ur space. I usually get that need when im not happy or just simply depressed.. i hate going out or seeing people... laughin when its not really from my heart...

So.. why am i unhappy u ask? hmm hadmulilah i have my health my family a good job lots of friends.. i really dont want to say im unhappy... but its just those moments of plain emptiness when you feel ur life is passing you by and your not where you thought you would be.. and things arent going as you planned... i think its a phase.. it will pass..

i feel an emptiness in my my soul.. *sigh

not even a bar of chocolate filled that space!


wedad said...

i feel like that a lot!! but when ever i feel this i go to pray and talk to god :) then i'll be so happy fill of joy.
thanks god
take care

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

wa n3m bi Allah... :) ur right... happiness is when u feel close to God... Allah yihdeena kulna :)

thanks wedad

m.s said...

i agree with wedad

galb elmo2men betma2en betheker allah

theone said...

we feel unhappy sometimes coz we think a lot. the best thing to do is just to live our day. but its hard to do it , we should be trained to do it :D.

nousvousils said...

hey theone, that means we don't have to think a lot? its better to stay inside the daily frame live?
Perhaps a good health, good job, lots of friends and nice family are not enough??
If you help and have time with people in worst conditions than you, maybe you will understand more how lucky you are and how god is generous with you???
All people in this world feel period like this.