Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wedding Planning

So... im getting married in a couple of months... inshala... so now i am not stressed out yet... hamdulilah but but but but....

I HATE how people keep telling me negative things like..


"Enjoy this time while it lasts...a month after marraige u will get back reality & realize there is nothing to be happy about"



" BLA BLA BLA NO WAY.. followed by a very fake look of sympathy....

i can tell who is sincerely giving advice & is concerned and who is just trying to freak you out &make you feel bad

i really dont care what people not really stressed out... maybe i will be in 3 months :P
but it just annoys me when all they have to say is negative things that put you down...they enjoy being unbelievably NEGATIVE..

i feel al hamdulilah Allah biyasir everything wa mutwakla 3ala Allah wa inshala things will go smoothly.. and just like katb ktab went ok inshala the wedding will also be great... i know you can never PLEASE everyone... it will be in dubai rather than jordan in summer.... :S sorry ahl il gordon... it was just too hard to plan it there...

7amooda when u see this dont freak out.. i tend to exaggerate emotions in this blog merely to make ppl smile .... i promise not to turn into a monster any time soon.. :P

OH girlies who live in UAE and got married... where did u get ur dresses from? yala goooolooli :)


Qwaider قويدر said...

Would you allow me to say couple of things? After ALF ALF mabrook of course
1) Nothing matters in a good marriage, not the wedding, not the dress, not the ring. What matters is two great people planning to spend the rest of their lives together and wanting to make the OTHER happy.
2) Don't exaggerate the wedding, you can never please everyone. Make sure the TWO most important people in the world (You and you fiance, Allah ykhallekom la ba3ad) are happy. Expensive weddings will leave a very bitter taste in both your mouths. Unless you can ABSOLUTELY afford it
3) Your married life is just like your life now, only WAY BETTER, Enjoy it girl, you're being promoted to a Queen! Yes, you heard me right, you're being promoted to the Queen of your own life. You'll no longer be the daughter, but the Queen of the house. So yes, you're life as you know it will end. But a new (and hopefully, Ya rab, better) life will begin
4) You'll only have to worry about being married and that it's too much work AFTER you have babies. Before that, it's an endless honey moon. When you do have babies, you'll fly to a higher level of happiness you've never experienced before, but with that comes the added responsibility of being a mother and still the Queen of your own kingdom

So, ENJOY IT! Be happy about it, and don't let ANYONE ruin it for you. Plan it like YOU want it ... do it like YOU feel is right! Even if you decide that you want to have the wedding bare feet at the beach with only 10 people from each side and then get swept away to the honey moon, feel free to do it. It's YOUR crowning ceremony and the only two that count are YOU and your king... Everything and Everyone else (with all due respect), mean absolutely NOTHING. No matter how important

Allah yhanneekom

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

qwiader u dont imagine how much ur words were comforting to hear :) really thank you soo much.... i feel 10000 times better abt the whole wedding planning and u are absolutely right..... wa again thank you soo much wa Allah ybarek feek ya RAB wa yis3idak

Weddo.. said...

I totally agree with Qwaider! and can't put it better than him!

It's your life and your day.. YOU two enjoy it :hug:

Allah yhanneekom ya rab.. btestahali kol 5air ya 7elweh :D


Mystique said...

hey dandoon...

welech ya3ni i will be at the wedding :ch: :smiley befakker sho beddo yelbes: la jad, sert ana excited.. about ppl and their uncalled for advice.. don't worry, allah beyasser kil she, i remember my sister was going nuts and didn't want to get one done at the tailors and she didn't like any of the ready made ones.. only 2 months before the wedding, my dad was at a business trip wo reje3 wo howeh 7amella il dress :eek: she loved it, and it fit great.. fa you WILL find the perfect dress, nshala law kan 1 week before the wedding...

as for the other bits and pieces.. i suggest inno twaz3oo il missions on friends and family.. ya3ni 7ada yestelem il ballroom wo 7ada tani il ma3azeem wo 7ada il food menu wo 7ada il kosheh wo hek.. they'll get you ideas and catalogs and you pick..

bas what i would do if my budget was pretty good inno hire a wedding planner and rayye7 rasi :D

anyways.. chill out, wo ma tfakri kteer... everything falls into place..

wo mabroooooch salafan :flower:

Summer said...

it is all about you and your fiancé and how you feel about the whole thing! the party is just a minor part of this period in your life, what comes next is the essential part of your life.
check out “Father of the bride” movie and watch it, a good movie to watch at this time in your life.
Oh, as for the dress...i have no idea, any dress would do I guess!! Have a great day!

kinzi said...

Mabruuk! Don't listen to the naysayers...Qwaider has amazingly good advice for an unmarried guy, I second it!

Besides, the biggest miracle is finding the right guy, not the dress. May god richly bless your marriage adn the wedding day too!

missingPoolie said...

Duudz, I'm sorry if I ever said anything to stress you out!! I hope you know I only mean well *sits in a corner with dam3a in her eye*...anyways, ya tuta, you know I'm more than willing to help, we gotta sit down and write the invitation list zay ma ittafagna...don't worry, just take every thing one step at a time, ba3dein you have an amazing manager zeee so watcha worried about guuurl!! She's probably planning everything already he3he3he3...

khalas listen, one day, me and zee will come over and start making phone calls to all the hotels, and then we'll go out and search every single brides shop until they kick us out and tell us very nicely " enuff for the day honeeyzz"..

btw, qwaider, i Couldn't have said it better, seriously...dinoz, print his post out and stick on your mirror or something...its real!!

love ya dudiiiii, ya baby ma tiz3ali hahahahahahah...

talk to u laterzzz,

Anonymous said...

Let me start by congratulating you!!
ana saba2tik and got married 6 months ago, So i definatley know what you are talking about!!
And most of all i know what is it to be surrounded with people who are so negative! Well, you know that will be my next post!
As qwaider said, you're life will be way better after marriage! This is a guarantee from "mujareb" and you know" ask mujareb and dont ask doctor"!!
Anyway, pay me a visit to see what feelings i was going through as the wedding approached!
Wish you the best of luck and all happiness in your upcoming life..
And as for the arrangements, don't do anything because of traditions, because people wants it that way, that will be YOUR day, plan it as you want it to be not as other would like or enjoy..

ArabLady said...

lik ana ra7 raye7 rasi
no wedding
no parties
no wedding dress
no no ....etc

have u ever seen such a girl....niyalooo sa7ib el naseeeb..7ayati dont give a damn kolha sha'3lat tafha ba3d el wedding party real life starts..wish u all the best and as u said khaliha 3a allah .....BTW that pic scared the hell out of me...

Qabbani said...

Wow , sheklo al jama3a ma Gasaroo : )

so nth much to say more than .. Keep your smile UP an Enjoy : )

thigs like that coming and go easy ...
o Twakali 3a Allah ,

Anonymous said...

i think you should hire a wedding planner then. problem solved.

Anonymous said...

as you said, Allah beyaser kol shee inahallah. don't worry and relax, don't listen to these negative comments, everything is gonna be just fine!

I apologize again for being not able to attend the wedding, sorry dandoon kan kteer nefsi akoon mawjoodeh :-(, yemken law bil ordon kan ahwan shway...

anyway, I wish you all the best, Allah ywaf2ek w ytamemlek 3ala khair.


Anonymous said...

Just dont listen to all those who try to disturb you.. and enjoy your time.

ola said...

troddeesh 3aliahom! It will be ok in sha'a Allah... in fact, I think it's such an enjoyable task to plan for a wedding!

SomeGuyFromPlanet said...

pay a good wedding planner! Let them take care everything for you even cloth, honeymoon plan, building, roses, etc.

mmmm I'm thinking about arranging a wedding planner now huehehehe.