Sunday, January 07, 2007

$o $leepy!!

So.. its back to WORK! Bye bye holiday.. Bye Bye sleeping late... Bye Bye shopping all day... im soo sleepy its not even funny... why is it that weekends & vacations pass by soo quickly... *sigh*

so this eid since my phone was stolen.. so i got a new phone and kept the same i kept getting msgs from all sorts of numbers.. i would msg back a few saying " Sorry i lost my phone" .. there is just no nice way of saying " WHO R YOU?" lol

Most of them probably didnt buy my story and thought i just simply deleted their numbers cause they dont contact me all year long :s

no major events... i miss my bed... my pillows... bidi anaaaaaaaaaam


rare said...

me 2 ... waaa2 :'(

i'll b having a very long week (6 working days), definitely i'll forget something that was called Holiday/Eid!

Hav a fruitful day :)

Tamara said...

The picture is priceless I love it so much, you are so talented

as for being sleepy, who isn't :( in Amman its gloomy and cold just the recipe for being sleepy.

I hope you try and enjoy the rest of the day : )

zee said...

Well i am sad that your holiday is over cuz i wont be seeing you as much as before! but its ok, we'll manage...

love the cartoon!! you are truly talented ya benet :D


Anonymous said...

Ohh Sweetie, you drool when you sleep that's so cute :p


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

lol 7amooda i dont! i was just tryin to make this funnier :S hahah and ba3dien how do u find drooling cute? inta ghareeb lol

but i laff you anyway:)

rare i know how u feel!

tamara thank u ya gameel! :) enjoy ur day too :)

zeeee waley ba777obek

Anonymous said...

Dear 7amooda..

Drooling while sleeping.. mmmm.. my cat used to do that and I tried to stop "here" by preventing here from drinking but that did not help in fact she died after two days because of thirst - my poor cat :(- Any way .. lets look at the bright side drooling is much better than snoring, my brother who shares the room with me snores all the night.. now I’m thinking in closing his nose with tongs.. would that kill him too ???

In fact you can handle it by getting an umbrella..

Anonymous said...

loooooool @ the nest!
bas khalas end of transmission :D

Anonymous said...

very nice cartoon makes me laugh.But the comment of that wicked cat killer who addressed her comment to hamouda!!!!! &ignored u completly she expressed her mean joulucy &god save her poor brother. Any
way allah yahmeeko min alhossad we haswa fe3anak yallee matsallee 3ala alnabee

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hi cat killer... :P

i guess u would rather adress 7amooda.... ( i only like to dala3oh so he is 3a7mad or ahmed to the world ) thank u for the advice i will surely buy him an umbrella :P

i will wait for him to reply you cause welll u didnt exactly comment to me :)

3anyway... anonymous 2... relax... u wouldnt want to be the next victim would u hehe


Qabbani said...

well com on ppl vacation is not that good all time

do you know that in JORDAN the vacation time is cross 5 month in the year !!

read this
واعتبر المحلل الاقتصادي حسام عايش عدد العطل في المملكة من أعلى دول العالم بحسب دراسات اطلع عليها، مقدرا مجموع العطل بين 5 أشهر في حده الادنى إلى 6 أشهر في الظروف غير الاعتيادية لموظفي القطاع العام والخاص.

وبحسب عايش فإن السنة الميلادية تحتوي على 52 أسبوعا، فيها يومان من كل اسبوع عطلة ليكون مجموع عطلتي الجمعة والسبت 104 أيام، يضاف إليها نحو 21 الى 22 يوما مناسبات دينية ورسمية، وعند احتساب الاجازات السنوية للموظف والمنصوص عليها بقانون العمل بـ14 يوماً وبدل الإجازات المرضية، ينجم عن ذلك عطلة مدتها خمسة أشهر من أصل 12 شهرا.
قال عايش "إن المواطن الاردني يدفع ضرائب تحولها الخزينة الى رواتب يتقاضاها موظفو القطاع العام، وهم في المقابل لا يعملون ولا يؤدون واجباتهم بالشكل المطلوب

and this

أن الناتج المحلي الاجمالي سيصل العام الحالي الى 11 بليون دينار في وقت امتدت العطلة 6 أيام، ما يعني فقدان الاقتصاد الوطني 180 مليون دينار، وخسارة الخزينة من ذلك المبلغ تعادل 25%، على اعتبار أن 25% من الناتج المحلي الإجمالي يذهب للخزينة العامة، فيما يتحمل القطاع الخاص بقية تلك الخسائر،

but in all cases we need one : P

Anonymous said...

I know I’m bad with animals I still remember that when I was 7 I washed my puppy and then put him in the microwave to dry... Unfortunately he burned alive... and then I decided to get the cat which I also killed when I tried to stop her from drooling ….

Sorry for calling Ahmed “7amoodeh”… my mother told me yesterday that my whole comment was rude and asked me to apologize .. so IM SORRY.

I’ve never been gallous… and please ann 2 do not judge people… BTW ann2 do u like to fly???? If so I can help you ….

Anonymous said...

*Ive never been jealous

p.s. My Mother says "Mabrok to u" and wishs you the best in your new life with Ahmed

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

ok annonymous.. do i know u? hmm i have to say some animals i had as pets suffered as well.. but never did i microwave a dog.. my dad made me blow dry a chic once after making me wash it with " shampoo"... it died minutes after...* wonders why...

its soo weird that ur MOM reads my blog lol i find that really cute... marhaba Anti :) ahlan wa sahlan and Allah ybarek feeki.. wa 3u2bal ur daughter/son... im not sure what u are yet ya ann:) no need to appologize... its all good as long as u dont hurt any1

wa Qabbani thanks 4 sharing :) i love vacations.. law 6ool il sanah vacation mush 7a2ool la3333

so i guess ur mom likes me.. dunno why u feel otherwise

Anonymous said...

Dear animal lover whose mom reads this blog,

Thank you for your advice. Nothing like an umbrella on a rainy day. Also, thank you for your best wishes, hope you find that special someone too someday.

Be nice to ur brother :)


Anonymous said...

esh bedna ne3mel sonnet el 7aya :P

ana el yoam a5er yoam dawam :rgs: nanananaaaanaaa

then one week bs exams o b3dainA ba3attel :D :D

ArabLady said...



missingPoolie said...

Looool dinoooz, shu 3am biseer 3ala bloggek?? so now you're the messenger?? lool anon, no offense but that was really funny, say hi to your mom, she sounds cute...

Duuudz ra7 3aleiki 7amza yesterdaay, katkoooot, dar took him to musawwer for a passport pic and he JUST WOULDN'T SMIILE hahahah, me n N n Dar were mitl il habayel acting all goofy for him to laugh ou huwwa with an expressionless expression on his face, still KAYUUUTEE...

missing you kteeer ya galbeyy, and zeee, ya durty, missing you too and your beautiful pose ;) hahahah don't wana say this here bas 3anjad ***** ! Fill in the blanks he3hee3he333

Dudz, love your illustration, soooooo funnyyy, habboula, especially the mouth hahahha


missingPoolie said...

Okay, 3ashan ma 7ada yfakker that ***** is a's not, just bravo..(inside joke)..sorry dudzzz 3meltellek shubha in ur blog..all clear now..mwaaaa

Anonymous said...

I only discovered this blog a couple of days ago,, but we seem to have a lot in common! I'm ALWAYS sleepy!!