Thursday, November 15, 2007

LIsten to Your MOM or you will be ATTACKED BY ZUBALA

ok.. you are probably thinking what is she talking about? or NOW WHAT?
listen to this.. once upon a time i was sitting having a talk with my mom and i ws telling her how i keep breaking plates and cups she said i should always wrap the broken glass with newspapers so that i don't hurt myself when i throw the garbage... Well.. then i said.. " ana fadyeh alufhum mush ra7 yseerli ishi" .. i usually am stubborn and don't like taking advice especially on how to get things done.. and so well.. YESTERDAY...... i was cleaning the kitchen.. and putting plates in their place when i found a broken pirex plate .. so i threw it away.. and as i was throw the garbage bag away... A HUGE PIECE OF GLASS hit my LEG!

AYyyyy..... i thought it was just a scratch till i felt my abaya stuck to my leg! i was bleeding!
like really BLEEDING! anyway... 7amooda got home 15 mins after that and he took care of me :) it didnt need stitches... 7amdullila.... 7amooda always saves me :) SUPER 7ameedo

Moral of the stories... ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR MOM's ADVICE especially when its about GAZAAAAAAAZ :P or one day when you are not expecting it the GARBAGE will ATTACK YOU! btw poolie my bagara fainted at the sight of my blood.. she is also fine now too:)

Dont worry about us... :)


Firas said...

حمد الله على السلامة

Your mom is right, not only to protect you, but also think of the garbage collectors. I always do that with broken glass, I break it up into small pieces and wrap it up very well so it won't harm anyone, especially the garbage collectors since they don't know the bags content.

Experience wins! and Salamtik again.

Qwaider قويدر said...

Salamtek :)
There are these new Garbage bags with reinforced sides that do not tear easily. "ForceFlex" I've been using those and no more torn bags.

Again Salamtek ..

bakkouz said...

hehe when i read the title i said to myself, hmmm zubala? is this some kind of creepy scary monster or what! :D

Qabbani said...


o dalk kasri things ...

Allah ye3enak ya 7amoodee

~W~ said...

You are hilarious!
Did you find your shoe?

PS I've been reading your blog for a long time. Love the cartoons. First time to comment.

Anonymous said...

Good thing you didn't DIE , otherwise we wouldn't have your cartoons anymore .


Oriental Arabesque said...

7amdillah 3al salameh..and yes always listen to ur mom..well not always bas ya3ni :D
u can keep the broken pieces inside another small bag too before u put it in the big one..

wonders said...

Salamat Wallah :)
My mom never told me that :( i guess we don't break a lot of glass...

Anonymous said...

i love the toes on your animations! you're really good btw :P

Anonymous said...

You like to be a drama queen? :) .You are pathatic ! no are only an image lol , so anything written doesn't count .