Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wayn Kondarteee?

Again another adventure to share... you probably all know about how i get lost everywhere i go! i just don't seem to have that sense of direction! Anyway since ba3li is in abu dhabi for a week i decided to go to the gym alone this time... I got lost... then i found myself in traffic i definitely had no reason to be stuck in! It's one thing to be caught in traffic but its just another thing to be caught in traffic that is UNNECESSARY! lol

So yesterday i was determined to reach the gym... let my friend draw me a map.. actually payed attention to each an every detail! FINALLY i reached!!! Got my new mp3 player so that i can workout even more! till i opened my gym bag.... and what do i find? or shall we say what did i NOT FIND?!!? MY JAZMA my OTHER PAIR OF Sports SHOES! Ofcourse working out 7afyeh was not very smart!! SIGH

*dinos is disappointed

ba3dien i thought i forget it at home or in the car... still is missing... i will look again! i can't believe someone could lose a shoe! you lose a pen! a notebook! but A SHOE?! who does that?

*someone in the crowd yells " DINA tab3an"

the sad part is that i felt emotionally attached to it! because they were the first gym shoes that didnt hurt my feet!

i will hug the one i have left to sleep tonight lol :P

id3ooli ala2eeeha! heheheheh


Oriental Arabesque said...

LOOL...good luck with finiding the missing one :D check again under the seats in the car or bil sandoo2!

when something like that happens to me teta tells me: est3arha iblees :s lol!! i dunno how did she come up with that!! enu why on earth iblees will borrow anything from us! anyways..jarbi marra tanyeh..maybe the guy got one feet and he's done with ur shoe now.. :D

wonders said...

Send the other one to look for it :p Zen5aaaa!!

It didn't wonder on its own, you'll find it :)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hahah iblees ma la2aash ghier kondartee yilbilsa?!! hahaha that is hilarious ! i think i heard that from a teta once tab ya3ni now i know he is size 41 :P

tan ta ra ra ran tan tan tshhhhhhh
zay il wa2a3 musmaar and then said " itla3 itla3" ma rad 3alieh kab 3albet il masameer 3al ard wa 2aaal " roo7o jeeebooh"

GADeeemmmmeh :P

*dina secretly throws her shoe out the window ba3d ma wasat-ha tjeeb ukhtha :P

Jasmina said...

Da7aktini, I am still looking for my training shoes since 3 years and never found it, hehe, so things just happen! hopefully you will find it coz there is nothing better than a comfortable shoe.

Anonymous said...

oh , "Ibless" tried on my shoes , but they were to small for him ,lol :D .

Anonymous said...

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Ola said...

Ha ha!! By the way.. Similar story.. I got stuck in traffic for a whole hr and a half till I reached the gym!
Put on all my gear then realized that I had NO shoes.. At least you have one! I have none! Till now no news on there whereabouts!
Just remind me nt to go gyming with you! It's dangerous!