Sunday, August 10, 2008

Away for a while

Dear Readers

i will be busy for the next couple of days so i will probably not be able to post any new bagoora cartoons. But as soon as i can i will definitely keep you posted with her new adventures.

:D see ya


(^oo^) bad girl (^oo^) said...

Good good good......

Anonymous said...

Why not post about your Hamooday for a change , unless you have more feelings for an animal than a human being ,lol


Anonymous said...

Hmm, you are a Histrionic :
(Histrionic Personality Disorder is a condition characterized by excessive emotionality and attention-seeking.) .I bet your Blog is fake , and you use other real ideas ....stuff , to blog about , without this fakeness you are nothing .

al. said...

Dinoz, who is this anonymous freak who keeps using different names as his sig.? Marra Omar, marra Mustafa, marra Mahmoud...3anjad fadi ashghal..

Dino$ said...

anonymous... lol

comment after comment just flatters me even more. You hate me so much to the point that you are obsessed and keep coming back to read me "fake" posts.

Well.. at least i use my name 3sam,omar,mursi or whatever your name is. You are probably some chic aslan with no life and major issues.

Thanks for flattering me.. i bet you kept checking this post to see whether i replied or not.

About my stories being fake... Hello.. i am talking about an imaginary cow.... doesn't take much brain cells to figure that out.

Using big words and fake names only makes me feel more special.

Thank you & well. Histrionic. Thats a first :) hehe

Thank you stalker.

sea life said...

Take care dear Choco. Ignore what you don't like!

Dino$ said...

thanks sea life :)

XTR Lash. said...

Hey Dino$! I like you blog!
Haha yesterday I was literally hooked with it all night! What is special about you is your Islamic pride, beauty, eloquence, and good morals!

Your blog is very interesting, to say the least! Nothing better than sharing experiences and giving advice! And I like Bagaaraa! She is so conspicuous!

Man, you are such a great artist mashallah!

Btw, I think you must be content by now… you have a lot of feedback from many people.

May Allah guide you always and fill your heart with the true meanings of Islam.

Side note: Don’t stop your blogging Dino. You are a great writer! In retrospect, your previous posts are remarkable as well!