Friday, August 22, 2008


You know i am one of the people who repeats stories because of my very very horrible memory i tend to repeat stories over and over again. lol I had to draw a cartoon for al alam about something similar . Those people who make up unbelievable stories just to impress you and in reality they look really stupid because no one really believes them. Like for ex saying they can see dead poeple. I met a girl who said she saw dead people not in her dreams but in real life. And all i can say to her is no more watching the series " GHOST WHISPERER"!! :)


Amjad Wadiِ said...

مرة وأنا بلعب فطبول نطيت لشان اضرب راس ... صدم راسي بطيارة .. وأذا مش مصدقة اسألي ألي بلع الحوت لأنه كان راكب فيها

Maher said...

someone told you that a whale ate him? looooooooooooooool!

PS : i cant find the cow in the pic :S

Diana said...

loool at Amjad :D

Dino$ said...

amjad loool hahha inta sho 3indak super powers? are u the hulk?

maher bagoora is on vacation :D ehe

diana ahla wa sahla fil blog a um kareem

sea life said...

I like the series so much,but to believe in it?! I don't think so!

Karmela said...

I love your blog, I fount it like a week ago... and I have spent houurs reading it..
here´s something I founf that i think you would like

Check it out

3anooda said...

hey came across ur blog today and im loving it - and i had to search for the source of the bagar thing. LOL. loving it.

m7ashish timda7u 5a6eebtu bitgool: inta ba6al shuja3 oo faris il fursan

gal: tadreen ini kint shaheed fi 7arb il 5aleej.


Dino$ said...

sea life :) yea its not something u watch and believe :) hehe

karmela omg i want that watch hahahah lovely whoever created it is a GENIUS! thanks for the link!
glad u like my blog

3anoooda lol its reminded me of a joke of aguy praying and ppl were like talking about him and saying "mashala 3alieh khashi3 fi salatoh" then he stops his prayer and says " 3ala fikra ana kaman sayim"

:P lol

mab3oos said...

Ramadan Kareem.

Fawazeer @ mab3oos

Fa6ma said...

LooooooooooooLL!! =D That girl is unbelievable!! *obviously!!*
Just the other day my fiance was telling me a story that my dad told him. He was laughing and I was laughing too.. But I think dad wants to make you laugh when he tells those stories although he will almost swear (never did) on it's truthfulness =D