Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby Fears

So now i am in the beginning of the 5th month now and i feel everyday i find out something new! or i experience something weird! Now my belly is in that stage where people stare at it wondering is it a KARSH or Pregnant belly?! I don't puke anymore but well i am expanding ! Some changes are too embarrassing to blog about! lets just say me and cow will only have more and more in common !

I start imagining how it will be like after being used to sleeping a lot and having time to myself. I freak out when i think of how i will deal with the responsibilities of having a bobo. But inshala i will manage somehow with a lot of valium and coffee to stay awake :P

Any mothers out there if you have any useful tips please share them with me and if you are going to tell me negative things like " forget your life" or " u will never sleep again" . save it i have heard it before. 


Pimpcess said...

Well, I have been reading ur blog for a while (during work of course) to help pass the time :)You want baby advise, so I will give you mine...

I am not gonna lie and say its easy all the time but its not that much of a change either. I have 2 daughters, 1 1/2 and 3 and my husband and I divorced before the lil one was born.

The first few months all they do is sleep. I went back to work when my kids were 4 days old. I set up a bassinet and some other nursery gear in my office and they were good to go. As they get older, they like to help mommy, so you will kinda have time to yourself but with a helper (i dunno if boys are the same, but my girls are great helps). The kids like to help fix my hair, do my nails (i only let the older one do it cuz she is good), clean the house, stir food while im cooking. It tends to get some of the tedious work done, while being both a fun and educational experience for the kids and it enables you to maximize your time with them so that after they go to bed, all the time is for you and not to spend cleaning your house. Just be sure to hide ur make up high up!!!

The more active kids are during the day, the more they want to sleep at night. Let them run, jump, scream, whatever and they will sleep like logs all night (mine sleep from 6:45pm - 8am every night). I have from 7-11 to myself to just relax and unwind.

There is something that we have here that I am not sure if they sell it over there, its Johnson & Johnson bedtime bath. It is a miracle in the bottle, it makes babies sleep soooooo fast.

If you like to travel, guess what??!! You still can! Its not as horrific as people make it out to be. I take the girls every couple of months on a trip and it works out ok. A lil bit of tylenol and they just chillax the whole flight. In 2 weeks I will be climbing all 900 and sum stairs in petra with one in a baby carrier on my front and one piggy backing on my back.

But in all cases, enjoy every moment of your pregnancy, these are not feelings you get to feel every day.

Dino$ said...

pimpcess you are my hero. really and you manage to even have time for yourself! you give me hope! i know woman with only 2 kid and complain that their life is over! really your post was very helpful and im actually looking forward to those home manicures lol

i dont mind having a helping hand around the house!

Thank you so much and i am sure i will hide my makeup i remember my mom's christian dior lipsticks ended up used as crayons over the house walls and ofcourse all over anything we had access to!

sea life said...

Actually,I don't know which has more value: the pregnancy or the time spent with my baby princess? I loved, enjoyed and now miss both.I think there is no place to compare its,both are unforgettable.
I miss so much that time!
Forget about all that scary stories, and enjoy the magic moments waiting for you. You'll have plenty of time for yourself, if you'll be properly organized(and I'm sure you'll be),more than this,how I got it from your posts before, you'll get help from your hubby and family also(I got the greatest support from my parents and brother,I cancelled the wedding when I was 4weeks pregnant).
So, as a single working parent(with family support), I can say Loud and Clear,that the baby is a God Bless, an Angel sent to clear our lives,not to mix it up :D(like other are complaining about)

kinzi said...

Pimpcess has a good word...train them from YOUNG (3 months) to sleep through the night. That will mean letting them cry themselves to sleep fo a week, but it is possible. You wil get SO MUCH resistance from...ahem...fam and friends,but you and hubby need to commit to it. It gives them better rest, and your two also.

Some moms are so tired they let them have a Looooooooong afternoon nap, NEVER give in to this, as you will not have a nightlife and get your rest.

Time to start training your mind...don't borrow troubles or worries about things that haven't happened yet. Today's realities have enough to think about, but if you spend time worrying about what COULD be, you will waste your mental health.

Plan for options, then put the thoughts away. Worrying is a bad habit that robs todays joys. And you willl have MANY of those!

hijabee said...

Woow, I'm impressed with pimpcess's comment!!! I'm not a mum yet so I can;t really help but I'm sure you will find a way to adapt to your new life as a mother. These things will come to you instinctively, once you will have your little one in your arms, you will know what to do and I guess the mother's experience come with practice. You will learn things that work or don't work with your baby since every baby is different!

Anonymous said...

YOU GROSS me out , from your posts to your hijab to your sick twisted thinking .

Fa6ma said...

I love kids and want kids,, but I'm scared of the first two years =/ constant care!! But I'm not a mom fa I dunno,, o people make me feel it's a very hard task, but those moms that spoke here made me less afraid =D

Good luck hun!!

eman said...

.. well dinoo ,, i just got introduced to ur blog !! u r quite a personality.. that i cant hlep not checking ur blog evry now & then !:D..
about this motherhood thing .. well i m not a mother ,, but i kinda work with children ,, & trust me ,, after a sleepless night of changing dibers & checking tempreture,feeding & singing & holding & walking ,,,, & what ever would make ur baby go to sleep ,, u ll find this angel look on its face ,, & those health drops of sweat ,, u ll feel the most releaved & happy woman ever ;) i assure u ..
all the best in ur pregnancy ;)..
hope we can become blogging friendz !;)

Dino$ said...

sea life wow... i had no idea you were so brave. really to raise your baby on your own and to be able to inspire those around you with your strength. Thank you so much. I am sure you are a great mom and being a single mom shows that you are so strong. :) im sure family helps out as much as i can and im glad your family was by your side.

Dino$ said...

kinzi i read so many thing about this "let your baby cry it out" theory and some are with the idea and others are against it. I dont know if i will be able to hear the baby cry and not run to give it a cuddle. But you know what you said was so comforting and relieving and made a huge weight get off my chest! really i realizd im worrying already and as you said by doing that i could be missing out on those wonderful moments!

*so wise ya kinzi *hugga

Dino$ said...

hijabee yeah those ladies sure are wise and have helped me a lot with their comments! im sure ull be a great mom someday too :) And yeah u r right every baby is different we just need to get to know what they want and need and adapt to the changes in our lives.

Dino$ said...

fa6oom yeah! me too i am no longer afraid! i feel excited ! i wanna give the baby the first bath and i want to expereince everything and although it will be hard at first i am sure when i look into my child's eyes i will know everything is worth it.

eman.. thank you for your comment and i am glad you like my blog. I am sure what you said is all true and i cant wait to feel all those feelings :) i will defnitely blog about them!

thank you all

Group Hug

Anonymous said...

3anjaaaaaaad kteer mabsoota feeki :)
You already inspired me now about creating my own BLOG which will be about motherhoooooooooood....
3anjad i have wonderful 3 different experiences - with different yummyyyyy flavours -
till then, ye3teeki alfffffff 3afya 3ala hal Blog el ra2e3333333333 ya dinoooooooo

Dino$ said...

anonymous... do i know u?

sweetie i am so glad u like my blog and please share your link as soon as u create a blog i would LOVE to read all your motherhood stories as i will NEDD IT :)