Monday, November 17, 2008

Where have all the Cow-Bees Gone?

Okay for once in my life i will blog about something meaningful & actually freaky! I am not a big fan of bees. When i see one i scream like there is no tomorrow and i ran for my life! I just never thought of bees as pets :S i actually thought they were only good for honey! 

i was so wrong. Well apparently we need these bees to survive! not only do they get us yummy honey for our pancakes but well they pollinate plants and without bees there is no pollination. 
Some may think oh well then too bad for the vegetarians out there i love BAGAR but truth is BAGAR and animals feed on plants. And when there are no plants, animals will have no food, and well WE would have no food and eventually.... DA DA DA DIE *GASP!

Now the fact is that bees are dying and disappearing all over the world in vast numbers and the world has no clue at how serious this issue is! Scientist all around the world still don't know why this is happening and some say it could be the cell phone radiation and genetically modified crops ! There is no evidence to prove any of the theories yet.  Truth is this will affect all of the world if not END IT eventually!

Albert Einstein said : " If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left"

I personally was shocked to hear and read about this because the world has no clue and well maybe by spreading the word i can help save the world in some way.

no bees,no plants, no animals= no us    that is the conclusion

Years later the scientist who solved the world disappearing bees crisis says " I had no clue about this until i came across a blog with a hijabi and cow cartoon and well i read her post and chose to find the solution to this"

yeah right lol

if you don't believe me google it yourself its called the "colony collapse disorder" or search for "disappearing bees"

So next time you see a bee and you are afraid. instead of trying to kill it tell it to go home or give it a hug :P


kinzi said...

Habbeebti, the kounouz and I were just talking about the bee crisis at lunch today.

I love what pregnancy has brought out in your sense of humor!

hijabee said...

Woow, I did not know it was this serious! Poor bees!!!! Hopefully they can find a solution

Dino$ said...

hey kinzi thank you for commenting :) ur comments always make my day!

hijabee yea i didnt know to! inshala they will

*hugga for support

Anonymous said...

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