Monday, April 27, 2009


If you have followed my status updates & notes you might have known i have FINALLY delivered my lulu! I tried everything to deliver! and when i say everything i mean EVERYTHING! Including walking, driving on bumpy roads, eating spicy foods, dancing, foot massages, & finally my last resort CASTOR OIL! which i was told can cause major dhierria & Qontraqtiions! lol

So i was overdue and desperate to deliver and drank almost all of the bottle! So i sat there an hour 2 hours. 3. 4.. nothing. no REAQtion. no QontraQshon. so i lost hope and knew that this baby is here to stay.

I took the castor oil around 1 pm. at around 2 am finally a REAQtion. i got Qontractions. which i thought were false labor. i could still Qook afterall. they were a bit stronger. 5 mins apart. still i did not believe it could be REAL! So i told ahmed to go back to sleep & came on FACEBOOK.

As i was sitting and updating my status..... i felt my WATER BREAK! which explains how i updated my status! Some ppl thought i ran to facebook after my water broke lol i didnt i was on already and said i might as well UPDATE lol

So... after my water broke i knew THIS IS IT! I informed the world with msgs & calls on my way to the hospital. it was 6 AM traffic TIME. thoughts of delivering on the way were running through my mind! but hamdulila traffic wasnt bad! i reached the hospital!! Was put on a wheel chair! which ended up being full of more WATER lol

SO the Qontractions werent that bad. i was taking pics with my friends smiling making jokes. i would say " EWWWWA" with every contraction. i thought i was dialated ! Apparently i was only 1 CM! i should 10CM to deliver! AAAAAH!

Dr said i was expected to deliver at around 4 PM! AAAAH! it was 6 AM!

Qontractions started getting stronger! i asked for the epidural! they said they cant give it to me up until im at least more than 3 CM dialated!

THE PAIN WAS INTOLERABLE! i started saying things like : "BIDEEESH AWLED"
there were no more smiles. just tears & pain & even vomiting. i still cant believe that some woman deliver without any medication!

by 3 pm i was still just 3 CM!!!! i was in so much pain i became a bit violent lol

by 4 pm my friends would ask me to pray for them all i could pray for was the EPIDURAL!

FINALLY the DOCTOR Came. and btw on this day i think everyone had the pleasure of literally seeing another SIDE of me lol

After the magic of the epidural. i felt nothing anymore. no pain. i was making jokes. smiling. i could actually witness the delivery instead of just screaming with pain!

at 5:20 Pm after around 16 hours of labor. lulu arrived into this world.


yes i know i do miss sleep. i do feel like a cow more than ever especially when i pump milk lol
i do change diapers all day & night. I have been been puked on with milk many times. I have been pooped on. I am still recovering from the delivery. But lulu is worth it.

Allah yi7meeha. She needs mommy now. another poopie. lol

sorry lubna i didnt draw u. i used alia and zahray mama and 7amooda from older posts.


7aki Fadi said...

Mabrook :) .

The cow feeling, I still feel it everytime. LOL. But as they say, "breast is best".

God bless her and yikalbizha :D .

Summer said...

great post for your experience!
god bless you both and the cow feeling will stay with you for a patient!

Amjad Wadiِ said...

whatever you describe, you will end up saying "But lulu is worth it." .. which is exactly what i was going to say.

we will be waiting for the portrait of Lulu

Allah aykhaleeha

asoom said...

Alf Mabrook :) I can't wait to see lulu cartoon...and where was bagoora in all this?

The main message I got from your narration is to make sure to take an epidural!

Historian said...

Congratulations :)
i've been following your posts.. and was waiting to hear the great news.

Tetrabba be3ezkom ya rab :))
God Bless.

Nur said...

I was laughing when I read "Qook"...I remembered the story :D
lulu mashAllah...I Hope Allah will bless your family in this new phase.


Qwaider قويدر said...

Alf hamdillah 3ala el salameh ...

You're going to make a fantastic mama :)

Maioush said...

alf mabrook ya rabbi, i'm so happy for you, allah ye7meelek yaha :)

Dr.Invisible said...

Alf mabrooooooooook

Rabna y7miha we ykhlihalek isa

3awezen neshof Lulu b2a , u gotta make a carton for her too..

So ba3goora did not witness the delivery wala ih ???

Bahareh said...

Dina where is bagoora??? i cant see her in the picture?? Eli le2i a7babo "lulu" nesi as7abo....

someguyfromplanet said...

i love it! congrats!

Retrotrut said...

Congratulations Chocoholic, you finally gave birth. Congrats again :)
Alf Mabrook!

neutron said...


Dino$ said...

7aki fadi :) Ameen :) ya setti Allah y2aweena!

Summer.. its okay im used to the cow feelings its just the mess im not used to! didnt know we could LEAK! EEEEEK

Amjad i think i will stick to the original portrait of lulu in my tummy till she has more malami7 wad7a :P
she is too tiny to draw now

Asoom bagoora did not attend the delivery she felt she could not see my suffer! :P

Thanks Historian :)

Nur only ppl who follow my blog glot the "qook" joke :) thanks for following my posts

Qwieder thanks i need to hear that everyday

mauiosh thank u habeebti hugga

dr i added u facebook:) u get to see the real lulu

bahareh il bishoof lulu binsa il dinya :P but bagoora will reappear soon ! with my breastfeeding posts lol

thanks someguy:)

retrout yes FINALLY :)

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