Saturday, April 11, 2009

Waley Lulu

Lulu at first waznek ma kansh t2eeel
I compared you to a happy meal
Now you are hurting my back
And you r leaving no room for my snack!

I must say for golfing there is the golf creek
So why don't u break my water! a small little leak!
Look around you for the nearest exit please
And when you're out the dr will spank your t$%z

Waley lulu your making mommy go insane
You better not give me major labor pain!
Also don't break the water in the rain
Allah ysam7ek 3ala this weight gain! :P

translation : waznek ma kansh t2eeel= u werent that heavy


Qwaider قويدر said...

الله يقوّمك بالسلامة .. و يرجّعلك عقلاتك
ها ها ها ... تحشييييش :)
بالسلامة انشالله

jessyz said...

te2umi belsalama isa.
These poems and drawings are so funny and sweet.
You really have to get them printed in a book for her.

Hamza said...

LMAO..I can't stop laughing. I don't want you to give birth so I keep reading more of those poems

Dino$ said...

qweiser :) thanks!

jessy ! inshala someday ! more than one person suggested that! would u buy
it ?

Hamza.. lah lah ... b3eed il shar.. balash az3al

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