Friday, July 31, 2009

Bagoora gets a Makeover

after gaining a few pounds in her honeymoon bagoora decided to get a makeover with mbc joella a7la :) i was luck enough to record the episode for you all :P

enjoy my latest animation of bagoora and tell me if u like it


Retrotrut said...

lol, Bagoora went from a fat cow to a plastic doll. She looks kind of like a barbie doll or shall I say like the local doll "Fulla". Great animation Dino :D

ohDear!! said...

LOL,, I love bagoora she's so yummy <3..
that was hilarious!! Tell bagoora she looked better before, but eh,, whatever the hubby likes =p

Sabsoub said...

:) i love it.