Monday, April 27, 2009


If you have followed my status updates & notes you might have known i have FINALLY delivered my lulu! I tried everything to deliver! and when i say everything i mean EVERYTHING! Including walking, driving on bumpy roads, eating spicy foods, dancing, foot massages, & finally my last resort CASTOR OIL! which i was told can cause major dhierria & Qontraqtiions! lol

So i was overdue and desperate to deliver and drank almost all of the bottle! So i sat there an hour 2 hours. 3. 4.. nothing. no REAQtion. no QontraQshon. so i lost hope and knew that this baby is here to stay.

I took the castor oil around 1 pm. at around 2 am finally a REAQtion. i got Qontractions. which i thought were false labor. i could still Qook afterall. they were a bit stronger. 5 mins apart. still i did not believe it could be REAL! So i told ahmed to go back to sleep & came on FACEBOOK.

As i was sitting and updating my status..... i felt my WATER BREAK! which explains how i updated my status! Some ppl thought i ran to facebook after my water broke lol i didnt i was on already and said i might as well UPDATE lol

So... after my water broke i knew THIS IS IT! I informed the world with msgs & calls on my way to the hospital. it was 6 AM traffic TIME. thoughts of delivering on the way were running through my mind! but hamdulila traffic wasnt bad! i reached the hospital!! Was put on a wheel chair! which ended up being full of more WATER lol

SO the Qontractions werent that bad. i was taking pics with my friends smiling making jokes. i would say " EWWWWA" with every contraction. i thought i was dialated ! Apparently i was only 1 CM! i should 10CM to deliver! AAAAAH!

Dr said i was expected to deliver at around 4 PM! AAAAH! it was 6 AM!

Qontractions started getting stronger! i asked for the epidural! they said they cant give it to me up until im at least more than 3 CM dialated!

THE PAIN WAS INTOLERABLE! i started saying things like : "BIDEEESH AWLED"
there were no more smiles. just tears & pain & even vomiting. i still cant believe that some woman deliver without any medication!

by 3 pm i was still just 3 CM!!!! i was in so much pain i became a bit violent lol

by 4 pm my friends would ask me to pray for them all i could pray for was the EPIDURAL!

FINALLY the DOCTOR Came. and btw on this day i think everyone had the pleasure of literally seeing another SIDE of me lol

After the magic of the epidural. i felt nothing anymore. no pain. i was making jokes. smiling. i could actually witness the delivery instead of just screaming with pain!

at 5:20 Pm after around 16 hours of labor. lulu arrived into this world.


yes i know i do miss sleep. i do feel like a cow more than ever especially when i pump milk lol
i do change diapers all day & night. I have been been puked on with milk many times. I have been pooped on. I am still recovering from the delivery. But lulu is worth it.

Allah yi7meeha. She needs mommy now. another poopie. lol

sorry lubna i didnt draw u. i used alia and zahray mama and 7amooda from older posts.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

LULULEEESH Lulu is Finally Here

will post details soon. but for now summary is. i delivered april 20th. 5:20 pm after my labor started 2 A.M.

i am in love with lulu.

will post the labor adventures soon!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DIno Did Not Deliver

Too lazy to draw a cartoon. just updating you before u assume that i delivered in the past 2 days.
WE ARE still here! :)

*sigh* i will keep u posted

Monday, April 13, 2009

Lulu Bifafee LAba6

Ya Yumma.. Ya habeebti...
Would you like a cocktail or tea?
Whats so cool about my belly?
shaklek 7abbeh titbahdelly!

Ur laba6 is starting to get on my nerves
Ur kalbazah is adding to my "curves"
I think ENOUGH Is Enough already!
Will you ever be READY?!

I keep getting calls and msgs everyday
Asking if you came out to play
You already have a group of fans here!
PLEASE KHALSEEENI! *dino sheds a tear

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Waley Lulu

Lulu at first waznek ma kansh t2eeel
I compared you to a happy meal
Now you are hurting my back
And you r leaving no room for my snack!

I must say for golfing there is the golf creek
So why don't u break my water! a small little leak!
Look around you for the nearest exit please
And when you're out the dr will spank your t$%z

Waley lulu your making mommy go insane
You better not give me major labor pain!
Also don't break the water in the rain
Allah ysam7ek 3ala this weight gain! :P

translation : waznek ma kansh t2eeel= u werent that heavy

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

When will u sharfeena?

Almost all my bregnant friends have had their babies
I asked my DR when will I?! she gave me lots of "maybes"
So here i am sleepless and inflated
i think my delivery will be belated

Since my little lulu is having fun inside
I shall jiggle my big belly with pride
Soon my taf3eees u cannot ABIDE

The more you will make me wait ya binti
The more i will fa3is the inti
so please please yumma sharfina
ta3ali la your mama dina!!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Dear Lulu

Dear lulu! sho bitsawee in my batoon?
Isnt it crowded in there? R u Qoming soon?
I know you are not due for about a week
but i just can't wait to pinch your cheek!

Are you smoking shisha inside?
Are you enjoying the jiggly karoosh ride?
Are you dancing to dagat galbi?
When u are out akeed ra7 tghalbi

I wonder if u will be as crazy as mommy
So well as long as you are in my tummy
i must remind u girls are'nt meant to be soccer players
so bikafee shalaleet come out & answer mommy's prayers!