Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jeel il GPS

So you are driving to somewhere with your GPS ofcourse because nowadays you MUST have a GPS. you enter the location code. and you wait for "jil /mursi fat7ieh or whatever you named ur GPS to start talking and leading the way. you find yourself using the GPS to get to locations you already know the way to but you still trust it more than yourself. you can be wrong but it surely knows the way.

So one day. you are driving and suddenly you hear the GPS say "lost reception" or "recalculating" and its stuck and you are stuck and you just dont know where to go! and you start freaking out! and sometimes new roads are not updated so it tells you to go left or right when there is no LEFT or RIGHT and insist on GOING because ofcourse IT SAYS so and ofcourse it CANT be wrong.

Pshhh.. jeel il GPS i7na :P i must say if they can implant one in my brain i will not say no because my sense of direction is.... ma3dooom.


jaraad said...

As someone who also lack sense of direction I don't trust the GPS 100%. If I am traveling I have to print directions from google map. Depending on the GPS only is not a good idea. The GPS doesn't work perfectly in cloudy weather or in urban cities because of the tall buildings. If the GPS lost the signal then we are lost as well :)

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahahahahahaha i love it, my GPS cracks me up with my sisters we named it Margaret or Maggi for short because of her accent (yeah we treid all the voices, the snotty English lady was the one we picked) and Maggi loves recalculating and the first time I used her I didn't realise she needed "connection" my blond brain was almost about to return it to the shop if it wasn't for one of my sisters who said eeeuuuhhhh meli you have no connection duuuhhhh

Anonymous said...

because of the amount of machines I deal with at work, I don't touch a device at home. The most complicate device i use is the TV.

GPS is a no no for me lol

Dawn said...

It did that to us one time. It couldn't find the street we were looking for, and we were late to a B-day party

Rula A. said...

If I am going to a new place.. I will get the map and check direction on it.. I get lost easily xD
Oh btw I love your cartoon.. Very creative and artistic :)