Saturday, April 24, 2010

A7lam ru3ub

you wake up with a huge " GASP". something woke you up. you just were so deep in sleep you just dont know what it was. could be your neighbors dog/cat. it could have been the AC making weird sounds. Could be your husband snoring a snore that was out of rhythm. it takes you a minute to gather your thoughts and think straight and realize where you are. you actually woke up everyone in the house because apparently u were screaming like a maniac. and you dont even remember what you are so afraid of.

i wake up byt the slightest sound and usually my dream is mixed up with reality and it takes me a minute to realize im actually screaming. sometimes i talk and say things like " BISMILLAAAAAH" my poor sister used to suffer. i remember jumped on top of her in the middle of the night screaming " BISMILLAA in her face" i think she still has nightmares abt that night lol

now my poor husband has to suffer. ofcourse now with lulu my worries are 100 times worse. i always wake up thinking the pillow in my hand is lulu. or that she has the cover on her face. i sometimes even talk to him like he is lulu and pull him away from the edge of the bed 3ashan ma yuw2a3. thinking he is lulu and she will fall off the bed.

i am a seeko seeeko seeko. i dont know how to control something i am not even aware of. usually i dont even remember. the next day my husband would be like " yesterday sara3ateeeni at night"

the funniest is when you have a dream and you feel its so real and you actually "bti7radee" get pissed off about it and act upon as if it was a reality. like once i dreamt a girl had a fight with me the next day in uni i gave her attitude. and my poor husband has to deal with my mood swings :P

im sure he hopes i have happy dreams :P


Summer's Thoughts said...

ohh Dinoo thats soo true,mesh 7a2olik adeeh d7ekeet 3alihaa !!!love it !!, i dont want to tell you how many times it happened with me and i wake up next day qalbaa khele2tii o bat2atal m3 dubaan weshii !!! o heik mesh taye2too !! all of these stupid dreams are dreams that i beleive!! khalas heik,, banaat o ashyaa2 why ya3niii !!! but i love the way u pictured it!! kteeer 3anjaaaaad..

rtfgvb7805 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

The woman said...

This is totally off topic... I like your cute hijabi cartoons on almost every post. Nice one.

Was bloghopping and landed here.

Nice blog. :)

battysabstractpalette said...

haha that's funny! and wanting a dream to never end is another story. I sometimes try to sleep in inorder to continue living a good dream.
Dreams mould our reality in a slightly intangible fictional way which is nice for a change, sometimes dreams act as reminders of memories you've long put into your subconscious mind, good or bad. This post got me thinking a lot about dreams!

Dino$ said...

batty.. ur so right.. most of the time i dream of whats on my mind. or even sometimes something i saw but i didnt notice i saw like a movie playing in the background with vampires . likei would not be watching it but somehow that night i dream of vampires. when u thnk of someone too much u dream of them. when ur thirsty u dream of water. dreams amuse me on so many different levels especially those that have meaning that sometime even tell u what is going to happen in the future!