Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Ever since i was a kid i used to wish that i could go to Disneyland. Even when i didnt know what to expect there i just knew it was my dream. Growing up watching disney cartoons, donald duck ( i do a similar voice too :P ) mickey mouse and ofcourse all the princesses. Seeing all those characters growing up makes you feel like you know them and that they are real. I know they are cartoons but as soon as you enter disneyworld this feeling of entering a dream overcomes you. And then you see snowwhite who was short btw next to the dwarfs since they were the same height :P they werent real dwarfs, and you see winnie the pooh and tiger and all those characters!

You look and see the castle that you have always seen in the disney cartoons. EXACTLY like it is is the cartoons! The balloon man walking holding a bunch of mickey shaped colorful balloons and for a moment you really think he will float off because in this land everything is possible.

As you walk you see parades with people singing spreading happiness and smiles. i stood there watching a parade next to a jewish family and as i stood there with people from all around the world with different nationalities and religions sharing the joy. we were all peacefully watching the disney characters sing. No war. just pixie dust and disney music. why cant the real world just be more like disney world?!

I looked around and saw kids so excited to see thier favorite characters standing in long lines ! like the que stand in for bread or 2a6ayef in ramadan ! they would give them hugs so tight and i really could feel the happiness all around. While i was there i felt like all my troubles and worries were locked in a box outside of disney.

I feel like somehow i entered a cartoon and just hearing the disney songs play all day was just WOW.. well you would think lulu had a blast. but i think i had more fun.

*dino does dabkeh dance with mickey & donald duck

i felt like a child again. i wanna live in disney world.

here is a video that brought back childhood memories. enjoy


Doomish said...

I went to diseny land when I was 3 years old, and I don't remember anything there, but still my parents used to tell me when i used to throw tantrums that we don't go out much that they took me to disney land, and they keep bringing my childhood album...

smart parents should take their children when they are old enough to remember :(

marwa joe said...

lucky u :(
i wanna goooooooooo toooooooooooo!!