Friday, November 19, 2010

Mommy Drama :S

So let me give you an idea of how it is like to shop and go out with a toddler. You know growing up you see kids in malls having tantrums and you were the one giving the "OMG what a spoilt kid glare??" well i never thought i would be on the other side of the "ja7ra" (glare)! lulu is almost 2 years old and this age is called "the terrible twos" for a reason! she starts crying and having tantrums in public when she wants something.. refuses to sit in the stroller.. i end up letting her get out and start running after her in the mall. then when its time to eat. she refuse to BE FED. and wants to EAT on her own.. since she has not been eating AT ALL and i am desperately hoping she would eat i give her a spoon and SPLAT SPLAT. in my face & on the floor. on her clothes.. O O on my clothes too.. ya faer7eteeee... (oh my joy :P)... 15 minutes later.. after what seemed to be an unintentional food fight i look around and the there is more food getting all over the place than in her mouth.. so i take away the spoon.... she is not eating at this point just laghwesing :P (making a mesS)


People trying to have dinner... start looking in our direction... i give out embarrassed smiles and try to comfort lulu without taking away the smile from my face. GOD FORBID they think im a psycho angry muslim mom who invoked this tantrum by a slap on the face. i look at lulu and give her the " BITE MY LIP" NO NO dont do that look! my lip will start to bleed before she starts reacting to any of my facial expressions!

i start getting memories of that kid i saw years ago when i was invited for dinner at a family friends house ages ago. this kid actually PEED on the hosts carpet!! Back then i remember thinking what kind of mother raises a kid to PEE on peoples carpets! its like anything your kid does reflects on you as a parent! i remember this other 8 year old kid would come and spit at me and i just wanted to smack her in the FACE! she was in that most annoying age that i dread and i really hope i never have to deal with peeing on carpets or spitting on others! i will start applying more discipline and watching more of the "THE NANNY"

Anyway so when i go grocery shopping with lulu i usually put her in the trolley and give her something to distract her. recently my choice was not very wise. i gave her a lollipop...yes unhealthy i know.. but chances r she will not eat a broccolli and mommy needed to get things done! she was not crying now but when i looked at her she was all sticky and just by touching her i felt like my hands could have gotten glued to her face! She also has a habit of taking of her shoes and usually strangers run after me with her shoe or blanket saying " MAAM MAAM u dropped this" and ofcourse my intense case of scatter brain has gotten worse after becoming a mom. i just feel 2 hands are not enough! wish i was an octopus :S juggling errands all day

not to mentioned the times i dont realize lulu had taken something from a shop as she loves to poke around drops things and picks up things from stores, either chews on something and i have to buy it or she takes it without me noticing so when i go out of the store it you hear " BEEP BEEP" an ALARM goes offf and ofcourse who else but the HIJAAABI that same woman who beat up her kid earlier in the food court. haha LOVVELLLY just what i needed....

Another uncalled for GLARE.... they probably think im part of a 3esabaaa ( gang) that teaches thier kids to shoplift at a young age :P

i tend to put some bags on the back of the stroller most of the time. and usually when i take lulu out of the stroller i forget to take them off. so she runs off and the stroller falls back on the floor and today on top of all that one of the bags i had got TORN so there were random strangers picking up my stuff and i just felt OMG everything happens all at once... :S DRAMA

i should stop caring what people think.. but i admit in the States i am extra self conscious because of hijab. i find myself giving out extra smiles and about to skip around to show that i am not a terrorist.. im a happy person.. la lalalalalalala... i might come off as a weirdo though :P



Sweet Escape said...

Sounds like a handful lol but like they say you have to try and enjoy this age cause soon they will grow up and you will probably miss these days lol.

Dino$ said...

yeah i know you will miss the cute times but i am sure i wont miss the stress levels reaching thier MAX :S

i guess it would be good to have a sweet escape every once in a while

Anonymous said...

God help the kids , if they have a mother like you !


Anonymous said...

Simple and sweet. I’m thinking of starting another blog or five pretty soon, and I’ll definitely consider this theme. Keep ‘em coming!

Anonymous said...

How do you expect to be cool and loved if you wear a hijab and a
3ebayay ..., and ofcource you are a weirdo .


Nadoush said...

You are hilarious, I'm reading this laughing hysterically, the bed shook and woke up my husband, he won't relate so I told him your cerelac story and we both cracked up..

Dino$ said...

nadooush thank u very much :) one of the sweetest comments i got. if i make ppl smile when they ceom to my blog it makes me happy and i feel my blog is fulfilling its purpose :)