Wednesday, March 09, 2011

M.O.M. ( Mumkin Owkheth Makafa2ah???

i have not been able to blog for the past weeks i recently moved to a new house and everyday i am running errands cleaning being a MOTHER and i end up feeling that there is NO TIME :S

i was asked by our lovely kanooozzztiii to blog about motherhood.. and ofcourse its pretty much the topic i have been blogging about since my little lulu arrived so where do i start??

i still remember in the beginning of my pregnancy when i just was in shock of the idea of being a MOTHER. i was convinced my growing belly was a happy meal only it moved from time to time. when i look back i think i feel like i have been on a nonstop roller coaster. some days i just feel like WHERE ARE THE BREAKS?! only break i get is a KITKAT and even that i dont eat the way they do in the AD i usually just shove in my mouth wa (bazlu6) while i MULTITASK a million things around the house.

it seems i do everything in a hurry i forgot how its like to sit and relax. even when im am out with ppl and we are having lunch or dinner i usually just eat my sandwich in one GULP and then i realize they are all still slowly unwrapping thier sandwich as they talk a little and take little bites.. usually people remind me that the food will not RUN AWAY! but its too late.. i am a fast eater, fast everything.. only things im slow in is... GETTING THINGS.. i am SLOW.. like HOMER simpson slow.. haha its takes time for things to CLICK in my head.. i cant fully blame that on motherhood but motherhood had made my scatter brains / focusing problems more SEVERE... ARGH :S 

Bigger house =more CLEANING , bigger toddler= more RUNNING, More Running= BIgger MESS = MORE MORE and more cleaning &laundry and dont get me started on the laundry. i have issues with JARABEEEN! (socks) i always wash one sock and forget the other then i end up with socks that have lost thier other half :S  and ofcourse i have to cook and then get stuck with a piles of dishes. then i remember i need something from the supermarket. and well i have to take lulu. who decides to make a big poopie always at the worst times. so i end up buying groceries ( from a supermarket that is not very close so its a drive, car seat, stroller folding unfolding wa all that) since i am there and having to deal with carrying the groceries and lulu who slept on the way back. its like a never ending cycle. and a mothers work is NEVER done.

i sometimes feel like the HULK with superpowers. i cant get sick i dont allow myself to feel tired and even when i am exhausted i MUST keep on going like an energizer battery ( tadoom wa tadoom wa tadoom) * dino marching banging on drums like rabbits in commercial and suddenly is in slow motion

because who will do all the things i do? who will feed lulu? change her? clean the house? do the laundry,take her to her drs appointment, give her a bath, play with her, take her out, cook, throw out the garbage, vaccumme, clean the floors, clean the bathrooms, kitchen. lulus mess all over the place??

who will do that??? *crowd points at DINO

YES ME ME ME..... and that my lovely readers is WHY I WANT A MAID SOON SOON SOON inshala ALLAh yefrej-ha... cause im emotionally and physically worn out.

so that is why i have not blogged in a while because even blogging has become a part of my relaxation TIME..


sorry kinzi if this was not as funny as anticipated i feel even my sense of humor is ta3baaneh ( tired) :S

cartoon for this post coming up soon.. when i have the time.. and get my lovely laptop fixed because it sounds like a helicopter now... soo this post is long might take you a few weeks to read.. which buys me more TIME till the next post :P


Sniper said...

Hey M.A.M.A (Most Awsome Mom Award)

Mabrook the new house, I was wondering where u've been '3atsah.. What I just read was not about motherhood it was actually about SUFFERHOOD!! Allah be3enek hope things will get easier when u r fully settled and find a nursery for little lulu :)

Dino$ said...

thank u sniper.. i just noticed i did not say al hamduliah in my post.. i should have also said.. al hamduliah that i have a bigger house to clean. hamduliah i have a lovely daughter that keeps me busy.. thank god for my health thati am able to do all this :)

and ya3tee ur wife alf 3afyeh that you have 2 children

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

heeeeeeeeeeey , welcome back or ba5 ,, ma btfrig :P

busy busy dino :)

Anonymous said...

ye3teke el 3afye D!

Nazia said...

Salam sister. I gave you an award. Please check my blog for further instructions.

Anonymous said...

zaman 3an bostatek D