Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mother or Monster???

There is a thin line between being a mother and being a Monster.. i say that.. and i believe its true.. one moment your a loving mother that holding and cuddling your kids and tickling them and laughing and admiring their cuteness.. and then next you are screaming at the top of your lungs and saying and doing things you know you will regret minutes later.. you dont even recognize yourself!

I didn't know motherhood was so hard. And everyday the levels of stress get higher. I think of all the things i have done wrong and do wrong. Even Love is stressful.  

After you are a mother, its unlike any love you ever knew. A selfless love. A love so strong that you would not hesitate in giving your life to your kids. Loving them so much that you want to give them everything they want. You want them to be the best and want them to be better than the rest. You want to protect them from the world and its pains. You want them to be healthy. You want them to be well raised and well mannered. You want a lot of lovely things for them. 

You will FAIL in achieving all those wants. You might succeed in a few. And somehow you will sit there thinking of how you have failed yourself, your kids. Depressing thoughts cloud your mind and judgment. You start doing irrational things or get ANGRY. Sometimes angry at your kids for never listening to you. Angry at yourself for not getting it right. 

Tired + Stressed + Nagging Child + Continuos Tantrums = DAMAR shaamel ( Ulitmate Destruction)

I used to think having one kid was hard. I was so wrong. I used to think i lost my mind before. Truth is now.. i REALLY lost my mind. I don't remember a thing. People have to repeat the same things to me 10000 times and still i wont be able to save it in my memory. I suffer from memory loss. oh how i wish i had WEIGHT loss! ahah 

I know my kids are a blessing. I cant imagine my life without them. Just the thought that anything could ever happen to them ( b33ed il shar) makes my heart stop. Allah ye7meehum wa ykhalelna iyahum. 
So i should not be complaining at all but motherhood is really tough. 

Please If you ever see a stressed out mom. Dont judge her. just Hug her. she probably needs it!

IM a WOMAN, I GET PREGNANT & carry all the weight,
Many days I couldn’t even walk straight!
I Deliver a BABY and I’m in labour for hours,
I Always WAKE UP for night feeding,have no time for showers!,
“STOP Hitting your sister!” I YEL as i cut the carrots ! OUCH! I’M BLEEDING
I WORRY Constantly, I make sure everyone around me is CARED FOR,
Every Bone in my body aches and feels SORE!
Most of my days  feel like I have been hit by a TRAIN!!
I have cleaned so much poop off floors
I have given TIME OUTS behind many doors!
I have been pooped on, puked on, chewed on, spat on many times
I DO the grocery shopping & try not to commit any crimes:P
I MADE our house a HOME, I Drop the kids to school.
I also occasionally make humus & FOOOL
So please before you belittle any WOMAN
remember that NO MAN can bear what a woman CAN
Even if he can cook FATET BETENJAN
He will never handle KOL HAL JNAAAAAAN!!


Um Ommar said...


حكيتي وإختصرتي كتير أشياء منعملها
وخصوصي اللي منندم عليها


Haitham Jafar said...

ياااااااااااااااااا حراااااااااااااااام

لازم نفس الديباجة و الموشح!

no body appreciates us , what bwt the mommies , think bwt the mommies, mommies role, mommies , mommies !

(haitham making nananana voices & faces)

6ayyib fhimna!

ento elly bidko te6la3o min l role o bt6albin b mosawah o mosh 3arif sho :P


5aleeko bel fool wil betinjan la2anno Wallah ma byozbo6 2 roles or balancing them, abozbi6ish!


هذه هي الحياة

*typical male reply, ha!* ;)

bas jad u folks have the hardest job/role on Earth ever!

Ghadeer said...

This makes me want to be a mother really badly.

No wonder God has put paradise under her feet :) Allah yihmeeki wu yihmee wlaadik

Whisper said...

الله يعطيكم العافيه يا رب
ويلا ليش امك ثم امك ثم امك ثم ابيك
سبحان الله

ربنا يحمالكم اياهم و يخليلكم اياهم و يخليكم الهم :)

Samah said...

I will make it short: I'm a mother of 4 and ur poem ejat 3lwaja3!!!

نيسآان said...

الله يعطيكِ العافيه أنتي وكل الامهات يا رب

although the reality of motherhood is not so fun but your motherhood posts are funny and amusing,they would make an excellent book about it !

Haitham Jafar said...

A book? A booooooooooooooooooook! *shouts*

have mercy,, mosh bekaffena hal pos6

Whisper said...

امك ثم امك ثم امك ثم ابوك
ولا تزعل :$

Haitham Jafar said...

*still searching 4 a come-back!*

sara said...

My oh my, you said it aaaaall :(

Dino$ said...

akh ya umm omar.. ma ana akeed mush ra7 a7ki il balawee ili bna3malha lama ninjannnnn!!

Dino$ said...

haitham.. hahahahha inta mafsoom ishi? li2ano ur comment feha infisaaam kteer

Dino$ said...

haitham.. hahahahha inta mafsoom ishi? li2ano ur comment feha infisaaam kteer

Dino$ said...

ghadeer really this post makes you want to be a mom?! if anything ifeel this post makes people hesitate before making this choice hahah

Dino$ said...

whisper.. Allah yes3edek :) ana liesh lisa ma shuftek?!

Dino$ said...

samah.. akh bas ya samah.. hahaha im glad ppl can relate

Dino$ said...

nissan.. writing a book is something i have always wanted to do.. but i never knew where to start and what it will be and i always back out.. i hope i do someday

Dino$ said...

haitham hahahahha bas law aktub ktaab... ba3mal chapter bas 3aliek.. wa mush 7aykoon funny.. 7aykoon bikhwaef.. ru3ub!!


Sara.. believe me there is so much more to sayyyy

Um Ommar said...

حدن لا بعرفني ولا بعرف هيشم وتسائل سوعالي الأبدي

أه هيشم مفصووووووووم

Haitham Jafar said...

طريقك يا ولدي .. مفصوم مفصوم مفصووووووووم

just 1 chapter!