Monday, February 11, 2013

Kidney Stones? Gallstones? Weish Gaal?

So... I have been having upper abdominal pains.. The first time was about a year ago.. First time it happened i was pregnant with lonlon.. at that time i told my Dr she said pregnancy causes all sorts of weird things to happen. that i should expect anything from nose bleeds, abdominal pain, numbness, GAS, back pain, hemorrhoids & the list goes on.. sorry this was too much detail.. 

So anyway ofcourse as usual i ignored the pain.. cause im not important i have no time i always delayed taking an appointment. Recently the pain has gotten worse and it was no longer a pain i could ignore. It was no longer just once a month or every two month but at least once a week. 

I had an appointment with the Dr. a few days and he did an endoscopy. Before he was telling the procedure i interuppted him saying " oh i did this before".. He asked really?? i sasid yes i once swallowed a PIN..

*dr holds in laugh
*awkward silence

So anyway... after that he said i had no ulcers and that i probably had REFLUX. its kids of like heart burn but worse.. So well i thought maybe thats all i had.. joojle it

They called me yesterday with the ultrasound results saying that i have not one but SEVERAL kidney stones and GALLSTONES. At this point im like " HUH?? wisho HATHA? i have no ideas what those are what causes them. All i know is that growing up i heard my grandmother and uncles and aunts had them which is why i thought it only happens to the much older generation. i remember always asking my mom  " shu il 7asweh??? " i remember she answered me but i never really Understood it :S ino 7ajjar?? jowa il batn??

So im sure many of you like me are clueless about this so here are some links to know more about what these stones are and what causes them.. so you know the symptoms before its worse and you need a surgical procedure like me.. there could be several causes and im still waiting for blood test results to know what caused mine.. Maybe being half from GAZA.. dont they call us ATFAL al HIJARA! (children of rocks) .. i just didnt expect to have rocks inside me :S

Suddenly all the things that i was thinking about before the Drs call seem insignificant. Fights with friends over stupid things seem pathetic. All i think of is that in one minute God can turn your life around. One minute your okay the next you are getting prepped for surgery.

Al Hamdulilah for everything. It also got me thinking. All this time i have put my kids first, my family always comes first. my friends, my responsiblities. I have had a tooth ache for more than 1 year now as well that i keep delaying getting done! I then remembered that on an airplane, they tell you attend to yourself first then help your children. And that is done for a reason. Not because your life is more important, but because if you dont attend to yourself and you die, you will be unable to save your kids. So putting yourself first sometimes is not only Okay, but the right thing to do. 

Inshala if the operation goes well i will change my life style, start taking care of my health. Eat Right. Not ignore any more pains thinking im JUNGAR. because i plan on being there inshala for my kids. I plan on being well inshala so i can make sure they are cared for.


soha said...

Salamtek dandoon..sorry to hear about your bad news and surgery, but good things happen for a reason. Alhamdulilah that ejat ala heik.

Dino$ said...

thank you soha. lets hope its only this cause im still waiting to get blood test results :S Allah yustur wa inshala khier :)

Um Ommar said...

سلامتك يارب,, كتير سوائل وربنا يشفاكي

زكرتني ب " جوي" لمى حكى " كيدني ستوووون" ههههه

ألف لا بأس عليكي

Whisper said...

سلامات سلامات
كتير بوجعو انا بعرف بس تيجي النوبة...هيك كانو يسمو فترة وجعهم

في الي صاحبة صارت معها وهي بالشغل :(

نصحوها بالسوائل وقتها

Whisper said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Haitham Jafar said...

gabel el nifa4 el ejtima3y o el = الحمدلله على السلامة and all that,, I need/must show my read commentary face(s) , soooo:

- I won`t joojl it because -unlike u- I know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING (anti-ignorance smiley)

- This -actually- means that u r OLD! Not getting old ,, but OLLLLLLLD / ANCIENT / TIMEWORN / etc..

(haitham runs awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay but screams the following: I heard that making ppl with s6onez laugh or blood boiled helps ease their situation ,, I meant well, honest) .. - too late ,, 2 well-thrown 7affayeas bump him ,, real HARD!

*ay ya 3ainyyyyyyyy / aa5 ya nafoo5y*


ana 3indy fikra,, seebek men umm 3omar & whisper o nasa2i7hom l far6a,, call one of the pay-per-fatwa shoyoo5s (there r so many nowadays!) and ask for a fatwa for drinking beer,, 2 weeks and all is well,,, promise! :P

u will:

- save money (dr. appointments & tests cost a lot u know)

- u will not worry yr kidz and they will not turn into psychos in the future

- u will be famously famous (for like 20 minutes that is)

- u will have a rich material to blog about!

- the shee5 will take all the blame!

see! It`s a bargain (bar + gain) ,, ahaa,, :DDD

(iKILL ya zalameh,, mosh 6abee3y ana)

lana diab said...

salamtek ya rab ma tshofy shar :)

bs i think haitham got a point ! we R gettin old !(u can't throw a sha7a6a on a pregnant woman ! can u ? yes ? ouch! that one hurt ! :D

hmmm ho shofy el barbican bemshy 7alo bs t3rafy keef as moms we need to go to another world some times so beer is ok :D bs take a aftwa first ana ma da5alni :P

are u a heavy coffee drinker ? if yes then that might be a good reason for stones ! and of course lack of water !

take care & 6amneena 3anek plz :))

Haitham Jafar said...

مخزون الشحاطات
و لا بيخلص!

sara said...

Alf salama 3aleiky Dino, ajr wa 3afya <3
Baseeta sweetie, it's nothin, takhlees thunoob <3
May Allah bring you out healthier, and a stronger happier mommy for ur angels, amen,,

Dino$ said...

Sayed haitham hada il tele3 ma3ak bar gain lol mush Bas beer gain wa Lakin bar! Aya shiekh 7ayfteeli arooo7 bar!

Lana Sara whisper & everyone who commented unfortunately its no longer a laughing matter was admitted to the hospital today because pain was so severe. Well ok i i have to admit it's actually funny that all this time I thought dr said I had kidney stones apparently what I have is only gallstones that are blocking a liver duct and starting to affect my liver function. Of course my Arabic sucks so I heard kabd and confused it with ! Shu kidneys again in Arabic? Shufti Hayni nseet! Yer7am jadi

So I have an operation at 3 tomorrow and another gallbladder removal the next day. 2nd procedure is risky cause apparently I also have blood clots around my liver that makes operating risky :(

Pls pray for me :( I'm actually freaking out at the moment
But Inshala khier . Wa alHamdulAllah.

Dino$ said...

Soha wa um Omar thank u habeeebati ur comments mean a lot. Especially right now as I'm alone I hospital. Huzbandee has to stay for the girls till the operation :(

Haitham Jafar said...

اسمها كلية

مش college

سلامات إم ال 2 لولوز

لا تخافي و لا على بالك


بدعواتنا أكيد

طمنينا أول ما يصحلك

sara said...

My prayers are with you, habebty, big hug, baseeeeta, estaghfery all thru it, it'll be fine ya Rab <3

sara said...

How r u habebty? How did it go? Tameneena..

Haitham Jafar said...

the last thing u wana do is log into blogger! :)

but when u can send us (something)

Dino$ said...

Thank you all. I had both operations and next to me is my stones in a little plastic 3ilbeh! So shocking Ino kol hada kSn juwa!! Il Hamdulilah il Hamdulilah . Post surgery is harder than I thought. But I can't wait to blog to uu abt my anesthetia experience. Fsthaye7. I might stay another night. Bas jad my stones benfa30 masba7a. Haram one if my best friend stayed over last night so I didn't spend the night alone. Allah yes3dkom all of you , you made me feel I was surrounded by family even when I'm in a country with ahli kolhum b3ad :( shukran lakam

*vilolin Music stops by a sound if fart

Yes a fart not a real fart but I've been deflating for 2 days cAuse nafakhooni for both operations. Ishi fadaye7 3al Akher especially when u can't control it!

sara said...

Sweetieeee :) hamdulillah ala salamtek :D
See, Rabina Raheeeeem :)
May all the pain come to an end and ud feel so much better soon dearie :) ajr wa afya :)

Haitham Jafar said...

الحمدلله على السلامة

بدنا صورة للحجر!! هههههههههه

و الله إنك تحشيش!

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Haitham Jafar said...


حتى إحوانّا الهمود = care


هع هع

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Dan Reynolds said...

please remove my cartoon doctor cartoon. It's is being used illegally and you have not paid a licensing fee.
Dan Reynolds

Haitham Jafar said...

sat5oleen al sijn ya umm 2 lolo's!