Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Im Back To Bogging :)

Hellooo! Essalamo 3aliekin! how r u my lovely readers.. So as you know now i am Marara-less.. Gallbladderless. i feel like i have had a C-section.. Hamdulilah much better now. I am pretty much back to my daily crazy schedule. IT was a tought experience and my emotions were on a rolelr coaster.

Time like this kind of made me realize i am surrounded by people who love me. Al hamdulilah. I am blessed with so many things i can't even begin to count my blessings. Al hamdulilah.. It made me set my priorities straight. See true colors of some people... But Al hamdulilah

My surgeries went well. the Dr was hilarious. He kept making jokes about me being inflated for both operations. Told my husband he can leave the hospital by tying a thread on my foot and i will float like a BALLOON.

The whole surgery experience was scary. I mean you are lying there in a different world with people cutting you and blowing CO2 inside your stomache and turning you around and ofcourse they SEE EVERYTHING! AAAAH!

I didnt know surgeons always played music in the operation room! as soon as they rolled in the bed i heard all the nurses and dr chatting in a chatty mood making jokes.. like there are about to sit in TCHE TCHE or something .. then i hear  " CHA CHA CHA rampa rampa" lambada like music!! and as i was thinking in my head to say; PLEASE QURAN balash amoooo..........


WOke up to the sound of farts.. and i was thinking WHO IS FARTING?!?!?
im not?? OH ITs not EVEN A FART! WHAT IS THAT??!?!?!

I was DEFLATING.. and it was a very long awkward ride to my WARD ... the philipino guy pushing the bed was enjoying my lovely TUNES hahahahah


Then i was like oh the surgery was in my stomache so glad no one saw my Bumm with the sad excuse for disposable underwear they give you in the hospital... only later do i find a sticker... in a place i thought was Unseen.. * cries..

ya fde7tchi il ba2et be galagel..

Its that awkard moment after surgery when your Dr comes in to check on you.. and you think.. should i wear my hijab... hahaha i did wear it but i think the Dr found that funny :S

So.. nwo everyone says... "MEEEN Faga3alik MARARTEK!!?!?

(who exploded your Gallbladder)

i keep saying jowzi akeed... bas huzbandee miskeeen.. hahaha

Im back and Bloated.. and Thank you all for your support and prayers.. I really would not have done it without your kind words..

Allah yes3edkom!


Whisper said...

الف الحمد لله على السلامه يا قمر
المهم انك هلأ احسن و تنذكر ما تنعاد هالاحداث و الذكريات

بس ما فرجيتينا الحصوات :$

Dino$ said...

كنت ححط الصورة بس مقرفه جدا الله يسلمك يا قمري

Dino$ said...

كنت ححط الصورة بس مقرفه جدا الله يسلمك يا قمري

Haitham Jafar said...

الحمد لله على السلامة
u r one of the rare bloggers that joke bwt themselves in a unique funny + reflective way :) - thank u 4 that
it shows character & confidence

joozki faga3 marartik!
I/we find that hard to blv

u have another (interesting) chapter to tell ur kidoz :DDDD

Dino$ said...

haitham are you marthan? *checks temp u actually complemented me min ghier takhweet!

AShkurak ashkurak.. always one of the first ppl to comment and support me and this bloj

*gives sanweeshet sujuk

نيسآان said...

الحمدلله على السلامه

I thought the word "fart" is prohibited in ladies language !

salutes to a courageous lady:)

Dino$ said...

Im sure Jordanian ladies half tulcharem half ghaza are an exception to that rule :p

Dino$ said...

Im sure Jordanian ladies half tulcharem half ghaza are an exception to that rule :p

Ghadeer said...

Al7amdulilah 3al salaama!

Haitham Jafar said...

ya Allah, 6b ana laweesh abejeneesh spam wala s5am!


Dino$ said...

Allah ysalmik :)

Dino$ said...

Teejeek mowjeh hahaha *runs

Haitham Jafar said...

ok, moojeh,, ana mwaffeg! ayya 7agah fy ayyatoha 7ittah! :D