Wednesday, June 26, 2013

American WaLAAAkin

I havent had time to illustrate my own cartoons got this off the net but added my text :p but i will soon inshala :) but have lots to blog about.. 

ok.. so did you ever meet one of those ppl who lived all thier life abroad and speak english " bet3ajo" ino ERR ERR American or Bri2ish.. and suddenly they speak arabic and say something like

"Bakaayna Ka3dat fel 7adeeqa it go2 really freakin cold fa rakathna 3al DAAAR"??

welll true story.. wa fe minhin TCHTHEER TCHWAam Tchwaam

il english Yo Yo wil 3arabi HATH HO

and i have to admit its hilarious... and shocking to see the transformation. but it made me think...

*someone yells.." yee 3alaina wa 3al falsafeh again

So.. why is it that we feel so strongly that the AMErican Accent is the "Prestige" accent.
Why isnt the Fala7i accent seen as vulgar, and some would look down on someone who speaks with such strong Falaaa7i accent and degrade them like they are beneath them because they dont speak

Sheeka Beeka

ya3ni we would be sitting in a group.. and a girl whose english is no so great would pronounce a word wrong like .. the P. B. or PRAD BITT. or pronounce a silent letter like 

WAitor can i have the SHEEEKIN FAJJJJJITA

i think i would crack up.. walek FAHeeeta Faheeta ya habla.. hathi il JJJ SILENT.. zay il MObile fil cinema lazim ykoon SILENT .. 

* ja7ra as she reminds her of the time her phone rang mohamad muneer 3alee soootak lil Ghunnaaaa in the middle of the movie 

So... what im saying did you ever see a group of AMericans or Brits siting in a room talking in ARABIC and then the American was reading an ARabic WORd and pronounces incorrectly and his American friend laughs at him ???

NO LIESH??? li2ano i7na il 3arab ... we forgot that the Quran is in ARabic.. this is the Language God Chose to address us in.. which means its the best language in the world.. whether its Fala7i or just Arabic we should be proud of ourselves and not make others whose english is not so great feel bad..

i personally feel bad that my english is stronger than my Arabic

*someone says " IKHS"

*looks around.. and yes its something im not proud of.. wa nifsi akoon shatooora fil i3raab wil Spelling wil qawa3ed qabl ma aseer min il qawa3ed min il nessaaa2

my dad is from tulcharem. and when he used to speak to us bel qaaf. "Quleeli wa Qultelek" and we used to laugh and make jokes.. and now i think about it.. il fala7i accent could sound funny to us but its how they were brought up and does not make them any less intelligent or classy that the ppl who say " 2aal wa 2ulna"

old lady says :

"LaweEish Burtunoo engleeezi hadol il NABi 3arabi"

but i confess.. i just love love the falahi accent and just the mix of fala7i ana amreeki will always make me laugh because its just so drastic :P

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Haitham Jafar said...


و اللا إخس

هذا هو زبدة لورباك الموظوع

شو اقلك تا أقلك يا أم ال 2 لولوز

عقدة المهزوم الأبدية
و اللا نقص ثقة و/أو فخر بالأصول؟

مش من منظلق عنصري و لا شي و الله

الفخر بالأصل دون الحكم على حضارات و أمم الآخرين شيء ممكن و طبيعي جدًا!

يرحم لما أهل الفرنجة كانوا ييجوا على الأندلس و صقلية و يتعلموا تشلمتين

و يرجعو يصيروا بتفشخروا ببلادهم إنهم ببرطموا عربي!

بنتنا هيام بلشت تسولف حكيات النص عربي نص إنجليزي :(((

و انا مش مبسووووووووووط


فرصة نكتب بالعربي آه!


*هيثم مطمئن أن منسوب الصنادل و القباقب و خلافه انتهى من مخزن دينا و الشحنة الجديدة لما تصل بعد*


فرطت على silent
زي بال سيما
و بالمناسبة:

يا بتوع السيما انتو!
أيوا أيوااااااااا