Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Let me start by wishing you all a blessed holy month of Ramadan full of blessings, family & friends reunions, lots of giving and spirituality. Kol Saneh wa Into Salmeen! 

It is a blessing itself to witness this month again. Unfortunately throughout the years everyday Ramdan feels different because we are different every year. Different could be better or worse or just plain different. 

When we are so far away and caught up in life and 3azayem and musalsalat and whatever.. we suddenly feel that we are no longer in that place where listening to the sheikhs prayers made your eyes tear. Your heart is heavy.. with thunoob.. with life.. with humoom and suddenly you find yourself lazy to get up for taraweeh.. your prayers are done in a hurry.. you dont even remember what ayat you prayed with... and we dont realize that slowly we are going further and further away from God. Losing our Faith.. our IMAN.. and that is the biggest Museeba.. What worse is that we dont even realize it and tell ourselves we are okay.. Telling ourselves we are okay and being satisified with the way we are is what the Shaytan wants and in the end its our loss...

Allah yihdeeni.... wa yihdeena jamee3an.. we need to work hard to clean our hearts in this holy month.. We dont realize how weak we really are till we get sick. We dont realize how Life can be lost in a blink  of an eye till we lose somoeone close. If there is anytime for Al Tawba it is now.. Allah ysa3dna 3ala taa3toh...

So.. guess meen sarlo DISC!???? *raises HAND!.. there was a time when i heard the word DISC im LIKE HOW?? DISC? isnt that just for OLD PPL?! ya3ni maraaarti ( my gallbladder) ma sarlhash kteer  Faaag3a! i just had that removed a few months back! And now DISC?!

Al Hamdulilah 3la kol 7all. Al Hamdullila dayman 

so i just recently joined the gym.. was so excited about it! *dino works out excessively zay il majaneen
one week later.. i bend down to carry lina.. and AYYYYYY


Dr in emergency insisted its a " MUscular SPASMS" with an indian head shake that meant " ur being silly noting is wrong with you..

A week later i got an MRI and well i have a disc in my BACK.. and surprisingly its VERY COMMON! kol ma a7ki la 7ad they either say ME TOO or know 30 other ppl that have it! 

Discs were not common ZAMAN! Our parents generation only Old ppl got DISCS. Its our lifestyle. we dont move. we eat zabayel. and well oh i also have very LOW VIT D 

normal levels are 20-60 or 30-60.. my level is 6.. Ironic since we live in an OVEN.. 
If you are living in DUBAI.. ur probably always hiding from the SUN like me.. GET UR VIT D levels Checked...

So Anyhow.. That is my nashra Akhbareya.. i really hope no one gets DISCS. unless if they are movies or music cds :P 

Sheeshany makes fun of dina walking like a hajjeh* dino bends to pick up  shib shib AYYY

* he runs

kolo kam yom * nazret ta7aluf with chicken tikka hand move.. 

chicken tikka.. * dreams.. Yumm *drools on keyboard

YA bayee shu ba7ki.. bas ballah ma Damee Khafeeef?! 
zay wazni bel zabt.. TAn ra ra ran TAN TAN Tshhh

So This Ramadan i wanted to do something different that lulu is older. Although she doesnt get the concept of fasting.. or Ramadan.. and she thinks Ramadan is a place we go to.. and she calls it 
MARADAN.. everyday after futoor she packs her bag and says " YALA nroo7 3ala MARADAN 3an TATA" cause we told her in Ramadan we are going to visit her Grandma & Grandpa

Still.. i wanted her to feel there is something special about this month.. to wait for it.. to love it.. growing up i feel we didnt really get attached to Ramadan or EID. We know something was going on but we didnt really think it was fun..

So here are some ideas to do in the house especially if you have kids :

Decorate with lights or even make your own paper lanterns and decorations.

I did these choco laterns myself :) from screatch!
filled with choco dates! :)

Fill little bags of chocolates and give them out to your neighbors with your kids

Make a Chart the counts the Ramadan Days and the days left for EID So your Kids know EID is something Special and add anticipation to EID..

just Decorate with any material you have around :)

That is just a few.. im sure you can think of many more! :) Lets all share the Ramadan Spirit and Spread the LOVE! :) 



Ghadeer said...

Salaamtik! InshaAllah kheyr- don't worry, I know so many people with the same problem and they cope fine!

I love your Ramadan do-it-yourself ideas :D

نيسآان said...

سلامات دينو...سلامات
لساتك صغيره على الديسكات
بس شكلك بتحبي تغلبي حالك كتير
يعني بيت وبيبيات
و زينات وديكورات
و فوقيهم جيمات
الله يكون بعونك ويقويك ...عموما اطمني نقص فيتامين د هو آخر موديل هالسنه للستات
الله يعطيكي العافيات...كل الاشياءات حلوات

مش عارفه ليش هالكومنت قلب قصيده؟؟؟

نيسآان said...

فولو آبات

Whisper said...

الف الف سلامه عليكي يا قمر
اجر وعافية يا رب

رمضان كريم علينا و عليكم و ربنا يتقبل الطاعات

السنة استغليت ان بنات اخوي عنّا و اصريت ازين البرنده معهم علشان يصير عندهم شي حلو يرتبط برمضان, همه عايشين بالامارات وما في مظاهر عائلية حقيقيه تخليهم يربطو رمضان باي شي :$

ديري بالك على حالك وما اتعبي حالك كتير يا قمر

Dino$ said...

Ghadeer! Allah ysalmek ya habibtchee! wa thank you for your comment:)

Nisaaan ana bahob aghaleb 7ali always.. i cant sit.. Allah y3afeeki wa i love qaseeda comments :)

Dino$ said...

Whisper.. waynek ya danaya! zaman 3anek! Thank you for your sweet comment wa ya3teeki il 3afye inti kaman :) im sure banat akhooki kayafo 3alieki

Haitham Jafar said...

قد ما بتحكي!
يمكن مشان هيك الواوا


قصدي سلامات
شكلو دعوة ولية بساعة مغربية

*حماتك؟ يمكن انا ما قلت شي*

أو نظرة حسد

*حضرتي مثلًا*

أو يمكن اللي حسدك نيسان أم القصائد المنتهية بال

أو حتى ويسبر

u`ll never know!
ديري بالك عحالك و اللا بنشوف عروس لأبو لولو


قد أعذر من أنذر

من وين إجت هاي الرمية!

بس عكل هو هاي أحسن وصفة علاج

من بكرا بتطيبي! و ها!
*هيثم بيمسك على ذقنو اللي طولت لزوم مظاهر شهر رمضان و كزا*


بس جد
الديكورايشنز حاجة jameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeela



عظمة على عظمة
لأ ولكي
مش عظمة زي شوربة الجاج بعظم!

خلص انسي

بدو أروح أشتري أغراظ مشان الفَطور

(بفتح الفاء.. واخد بال حضرتك)

بحب أقلك إنو هون ما أكلنا قطايف
*in the background مع نيدو كبروا الولاد الصغار*
و لا حتى قطيفة وحدة
hint hint

*مين هند*

صحيح لسا بحكوا دعاية فيمتو؟ جد بسأل!

رمضان كريم و عيد مبارك و سعيد
*no relation to هند above by the way*

أنا مسامحك
ن/أتقطيف قطيفة شوكولاة مادنس بعد العيد

Therese said...