Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Poem For Gaza

"i cant look anymore, i cant  watch this anymore" she said 
as she watched the soccer game from the comfort of her bed
"i cant bear this anymore" she said
as she held on to her baby's dead body, with missing limbs and bleeding head

My heart is heavy with sadness anger and helplessness
We are all selfish and only care about our own well being
When we stop looking the other way and start SEEING!
that we should help each other and its supposed to be in our nature as a HUMAN BEING! 

Hands held tightly on our mouth afraid to speak the truth
You might upset someone and might be punched or loose a tooth
Fear of consequences of what we say or do has crippled us to the point of shame
Corruption everywhere and people ruining Islams NAME!

Israels claims this war is a war of  "self defense"
Its not a WAR its a massacre of INNOCENCE
All the targets are civilians , families,woman children in their homes,
All day they hear the f16 plane as it rains its bombs & roams 

How would you feel if you had no where to hide?
How would you feel if your whole family died?
How would you feel if no country was on your side
If there was no where to run and Israels raining bombs you cant abide

Don't you know that today its Us today and tomorrow it could be YOU
Would you want the world to react the way you DO? 
We will be asked about this on judgement day.
Did we do all what we could to help? What will we say???

I call for anyone who still has a conscious and feelings!
A call for Humanity!!Or was it also martyred in the bombings?
Please Lets help the helpless people of Gaza in their Strife
Maybe our words of truth and prayers can save a life!

We live in a world where your life is worth what passport you hold
Unfortunate is your fate if you are a Palestinian, Syrian. Iraqi, or simply ARAB so let the truth be told
No rights No humanity, our lives go cheap.
Animals have seen more mercy & that hurts so deep.

Death toll is going up right now as i type this right now
Civilians homes are being demolished with one huge POWW!
Sometimes they are msgd " you have 58 seconds to evacuate"
With no electricity you are very likely not to see your way to the gate

Hospitals, schools, homes, ambulances, handicapped civilians being massacred
Israel using bombs that are banned by international law on civilians! its this ABSURD!?
Defenseless Gaza is under attack and with borders closed from both sides its a PRISON HELL
no food no water no aid coming in.. Terror and Death has become a familiar Smell

No matter who supports Israel and no matter how high tech weapons you own
Gaza will defeat you with nothing but handmade weapons and stone
You are cowards and you will always hide behind your tanks and weapons
People of Gaza have the support of Allah and will defeat you no matter what happens

People of Gaza are brave and are not afraid to die for their Palestinian Nation 
Know that one day Allah will answer our prayers and He will end this Inhumane Occupation
Death is something they have become way too familiar with so they are not afraid to say
"What is one death compared to the many deaths We die every single day!!"

Dear People of  Gaza i want you to know you are in our  thoughts hearts and our prayers everyday
We feel your pain and will do all we ache with you and i wish things were not this way
God will ask us about you on judgement day..
On that day what will we say???

It is our duty to stand by our brothers and sisters and families in Gaza in NEED
We should do what we can even if its just spreading the FACTS for the world to READ!
I have hope and faith that Allah will answer our prayers in this holy month of Ramadan
Allah protect you.. stay strong because God has a bigger plan for you and it will end in your victory inshala!!

If Israel thinks that they can get rid of Gaza let them think again
Gaza will NEVER Die.. WE are ALL GAZA
Israel will pay for  Every DEATH  Every Massacre Every Child 
Every Tear Every child you have orphaned
Every heart you broke, Every home you demolished.

Hadith which Muslim narrated about Abi Said Al-Khudari that the Prophet (SAW) said;

Whoever of you has seen a Munkar let him change it with his hand, if he can not then by his tongue, and if he can not then by his heart and this is the weakest Iman’.And another version says that; ‘there is not after that an atom of Imaan;’

يمهل و لا يهمل

حسبي الله و نعم الوكيل

Gaza... Please Forgive us for not being able to do more than this.. 


Anonymous said...

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